The Men Steal the Show

Pay Attention Please!  Ladies, your men have hijacked your show!

At this point, Bravo may as well rename the show the Real Husbands of New Jersey.  As the women were bickering and bitching, the men were stealing the show. 




Jealousy Rules The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4

Why oh why did Bravo TV bring the most dysfunctional  franchise back to our screens so early, bumping the Real Housewives of New York City back to June 4? The simple answer: ratings. May is an advertiser sweeps month.


Real Housewives of New York Season 5 Postponed Indefinitely

UPDATE: 3/26/2012

Too bad I’m not a betting person, I would have won!  The Real Housewives of New Jersey will premiere April 29 on Bravo.  No word on when the will return for a 5th season.


Fireworks at the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 Reunion

Derek Jeter, Kim Zolciak’s  high-heeled hair designer we’ve seen featured on RHOA. pulled himself together from the shooting incident in his salon Thursday to makeover Kandi Burruss  like this for the reunion.

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Bethenny Ever After: Your Sloppy Tuna or Mine?


simon more

Simon van Kempen and the “red liquid leggings”

During the last episode of , the drama may not have been on the TV screen, but it certainly was a “let’s get it on” couple of hours on twitter.

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Taylor Armstrong Trial Update: Depositions Begun

And how many more will there be?

On 02/09/2012, Robert Wiltgen was deposed in the VS.  .


Being Kim Richards

During the “Lost Footage” episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we gained more insight into what has happened to former child star , 48, since she gave up her acting career 30 years ago.

In a conversation with co-star Adrienne Maloof, she speaks of her first anxiety attacks, beginning in her 20’s. The time frame seems to coincide with the sudden death of her boyfriend, murdered while she was on the telephone with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I am aware of the fact that this woman has led a charmed life, but like many of those who go from the limelight to obscurity, she had no “bootstraps” to pull on her big girl boots with.

Add to all that an extremely toxic family. Once she was no longer the breadwinner, she was probably cast aside. Imagine Big Kathy’s disappointment when Kim gave up her acting career at 18 and demanded her money. (whatever was left of it).  Make no mistake about the fact that she was the breadwinner, look at her IMDB. This girl had no childhood.


Probably because of childhood issues, her sister Kyle hates her. Kyle may think she is showing the viewers how much she loves and wants to protect her sister, she actually shows us the opposite.


Add to the mix the unseen but very present entities: Rick and Kathy Hilton. Half-sister Kathy may not be able to control her children, Paris and Nicki, but she seems to control her younger sisters.  Who would Mauricio Umansky be without Rick Hilton?


Kim has been paraded around by the family ever since she got out of rehab. She admits to being an alcoholic, but she is fragile and unstable. Whatever her medications, they can’t be anything less than lethal with alcohol. Her inclusion on the reunion was an attempt to keep her employed on the show because she needs the money. clearly interviewed her to pave her way for next season while covering Bravo TV’s ass.

In light of the recent death of Whitney Houston, at the same age  Kim Richards is now, it seems downright criminal to let her return to . We will wait and see if Kim can surround herself with good people and keep herself sober.  Wishing her well.