Obama Elitist? DUH!

Anyone running for President of the United States is subjected to a scrutiny that most of us “plebians” could not stand up to.

How can a candidiate for the Presidency be anything but a member of the elite? Not since Harry Truman, and the advent of television, has a candidate been anything but an elitist. Who else can possibly afford to run?

Hillary Clinton attacking Barack Obama for being an elitist is hilarious. How many millions have they made since leaving the White House?

Elite status comes not only from parentage, but also from the colleges attended. Hillary matriculated from Wellesley, Barack from Columbia and Harvard Law. Even dumbass George Bush graduated from first Yale, then Harvard. These East Coast elite schools guarantee not only success, but the connections needed for a political career.

A bartender in Bugtustle, Pennsylvania cannot be upset by the elitists running for President, despite what the media wants to portray.
But will he vote in his own best interests?

Just who does he think is in charge?


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