The Skinny on Mo’Nique


The most recent photograph of Mo’nique

The rumors about Mo’Nique, author of “Skinny Women are Evil” and a self-proclaimed spokesperson for fat acceptance, about her gastric bypass surgery are rampant all over the Internet. Not exactly one to lay low, this woman has not been seen for awhile. Fat acceptance websites are going ballistic over this news.

Mo’Nique has based her complete resume’ of “comedy” on being fat. Fat people, if it’s true, feel more betrayed than when Star Jones had her surgery.

In the most recent photo of Mo’nique available, she is wearing a large shawl over her body. Is she hiding the weight-loss?

You decide.

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One response to “The Skinny on Mo’Nique

  1. She has betrayed her saying about being skinny is evil. I guess she has shown her true colors now…………:(!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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