Northwestern Graduates: Get Over Yourselves

Talk about a bunch of elitist, snot-nosed brats:

From the Chicago Tribune:

EVANSTON, Ill. – After four years of study at one of the nation’s top colleges, some Northwestern University graduates feel they should be sent on their way by man higher in stature than Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Students say they feel let down because Daley doesn’t carry the cachet of Senators Barack Obama and

 John McCain,  or even last year’s speaker, Julia Louis-Dreyfus of “Seinfeld.”

One graduate even wrote to Northwestern President Henry Bienen, saying he would not attend the graduation ceremony because Daley will speak. Bienen fired back, telling Matthew Braslow to grow up.
In nearly 200 messages posted on The Daily Northwestern student newspaper’s Web site, other seniors are calling the decision to honor Daley everything from “lame” to “a letdown.”

“I thought we’d have someone with a much higher profile, especially after President Bienen hyped it so much,” senior Simon Lu told the Chicago Tribune. “I thought it would be someone with a national or international profile . . . I was hoping someone more famous would show up.”

In a statement, Bienen cited Daley’s national reputation as a leader who has addressed “the challenges facing Chicago and other American cities.” He added that honoring Daley is appropriate because Northwestern’s founders met in Chicago when making plans for the university.

Northwestern’s other commencement ceremony choices have come under fire this year. Some Law School students were upset by the decision to have talk show host Jerry Springer speak this month.
The university rescinded an offer to bestow an honorary degree on the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.




2 responses to “Northwestern Graduates: Get Over Yourselves

  1. NU students absurd? At least we’re important enough to get Tribune coverage — unlike this drivel you call a weblog.

  2. Why are you anonymously responding to my drivel? Aren’t you too important?

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