Brats: The Sequel

From the Chicago Sun Times;

In this 2008 election season, a campaign of a different sort is under way at Northwestern University in hopes of winning Mayor Daley’s forgiveness.

Seems that more than a few Northwestern University seniors were rolling their eyes at fellow graduates complaining about Daley speaking at their June 20 graduation.

So Brian Cunningham, a senior economics and legal studies major from Colorado, helped organize a campaign to solicit as many signatures on copies of an apology letter — posted online and on paper — that will be sent to Daley by week’s end. He even enlisted the help of campus Republican and Democratic groups in hopes of keeping the political scales balanced, and discussed the issue with WBBM radio news.

“It became a bit of a topic around campus,” Cunningham said Monday night, speaking about the controversy sparked last week when some students began balking at Daley serving as a commencement speaker. “I found very few people in support of these people complaining about Mayor Daley.”

A fiery exchange between a complaining student and Northwestern’s President Henry Bienen, who called the student’s objections “silly” and “immature” made headlines.

But the apology states, in part, “We most deeply and sincerely apologize to you and the people of your city for our inappropriate conduct. . .” The note asks the mayor “honor us with your address.”


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