OH NO! Not Slime Slade and Ho Jo!

The Real Housewives of Orange County certainly created some of the most absurd moments and bizarre characters for our viewing pleasure. Now Jo De La Rosa and Slade Smiley will have their own show, entitled “Date My Ex” on Bravo .

Here’s an excerpt of what Jo had to say last week:

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
Jun 16, 2008
If there’s one thing Jo De La Rosa of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County” wants to make known, it’s that former fiance Slade Smiley is not her manager, as has been reported. “He’s not anything to do with business. I don’t know why people thought he was my manager, but he’s not,” she tells us. “If anything, Slade’s been my guide for the last couple of years,” she adds. “If I had any question on contracts or decisions I’ve had to make, I would go to him. He’s also been there if I ever needed a little push or whenever I had some self-doubt.”
Wenn)Jo De La Rosa

Oh please…this may be the most contrived piece of bullshit ever to hit the airwaves.

In season one of the RHOOC , Jo was supposedly the kept woman fiance of Slade Smiley, a something-or- other for a title insurance firm. They lived in a typical Orange County McMansion in Coto de Caza, characterized as a “place so far from the beach you need a passport”. Jo was supposedly 24 at the time. She told us everyday.

Slade’s two sons from previous relationships rounded out this idlyic little scenario. Jo, who was born in Peru and whose parents won the California State Lottery, always claimed to have graduated from UC Irvine. Proving that even a moron can obtain a college degree.

Slade , who always lied about his age, came from Anchorage, Alaska, where he participated in bicycle races.

These are excellent qualifications for famewhoredom.

Anyway, the highlight of their two seasons on RHOOC was alcoholic Jo wanting something to do other than be a “housewife”, and Slade wanting her to do nothing but be his kept whore. They broke up at the end of season one, with Slade dating RHOOC “Mother of the Year” Lauri Waring, breaking up with her just in time for season two.

During Season Two, the facade continues, minus the youngest child, Grayson, whose mother has the good sense to keep him off this trainwreck and who was also diagnosed with a brain tumor. This small fact doesn’t slow the train, as Jo and Slade continue to annoy and irritate. Jo moves to Los Angeles, leaving Slade, supposedly to pursue a singing career, but apparently just preparing for this “new” trainwreck.

In the meantime, Slade’s McMansion is in foreclosure. He owes much more on it than it it worth. Remember the American Express Black episode? They are in litigation with him.

Actually, this show is more real…should be entitiled “Pimp and Ho.”

Reality TV? Absurd.


12 responses to “OH NO! Not Slime Slade and Ho Jo!

  1. Ummmm…. you just about summed it up – what I’m expecting! So, what more can I say?! 🙂

  2. Wow , reality show brought to a new low. With this ditz of and her dipsshit ex. Probably more entertaining watching my dog take a crap in the backyard. Jo seems to be your typical blow me and show me a good time girl. No substance, no brains and really not that attractive. You could probably find a better piece a meat at your local grocery. As far as singing, its laffable.

  3. Do you think she chose David to advance her ‘music’ career? Have you seen the advertisement for it! Talk about commercial, fake, studio, computer created music video, with the look of a Janet Jackson/Brittney Spears choreography!
    I don’t see any music talent. Just a dumb drunk 20 something that they have made into a false deva or anything to make money. Look what it did for Brittney.

    Well, Slad should move on and find someone his own age who wants to play sexy housewife.

  4. This show is a waste of time, and money. We could feed thousands of starving children instead of producing crap for US consumption.

  5. Oh, I forgot, she is a drunk and he is overcompensating for a lack of something…….we women know what he is lacking!

  6. LMAO, Jill

    It surely seems that way. 😉 But, I think at the end they’ll end up together again cause they’re pretty much cut from the same cheap/fake fabric

  7. Bravo must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel for new ideas for a TV show. I think the executives can come up with a better idea than torturing their viewers about Jo and Slade.

  8. slade is the biggest douchebad in the complete history of reality tv

  9. The real beauty is her friend Katy…now she is a beauty. This is just a promotional stunt, I feel for her record. Slade, go find a woman your own age, or are they too smart to let you to control them. What a bunch a crap.

  10. UGGHHH what trash!

    Jo is such a leech and Slade is an idiot for keeping this talentless sexpot around. He needs to grow up, find a woman his own age and get a real job. She needs to get a reality check and realize she has no talent, is not special in any way, has a big ass and needs to realize she only has enough brains to work at a convenience store or a supermarket check out.

    It’s hard to imagine people this plastic and phony. I really want to gag. “some reality”

  11. The most disgusting thing of all is that Slade’s youngest son is dying. You would think that his father could duck out of the limelight and stop chasing tail long enough o spend his son’s final days with him. I thought my ex was low but this takes the cake.

    Oh, I forgot, he’s also broke as a joke so maybe he has to be whoring himself out just to maintain his imagined lifestyle. No I don’t think he is trying to scrape together money for his son’s enormous medical bills and care.

    The world would be a better place minus Jo and Slade.

  12. Jo & slade are two broke ass couple trying to make a living by auctioning off eachother at the cheapest rate possibly. give them a break.

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