From G’s to Gents: From the Absurd to the Sublime?

From MTV:

Gentleman (jent’l man): A courteous, gracious man with a strong sense of honor.

You know what it means, but what does it take to be a true gentleman? You’re about to find out…
From G’s to Gents rounds up 14 rough-around-the-edges young men from across the country and gives them the opportunity of a lifetime — the chance to go from G to gent and walk away with some cold, hard cash!
From executive producer Jamie Foxx, From G’s to Gents schools diamonds in the rough on how to lose the front, learn self-respect, realize their self-worth and market themselves accordingly. The wannabe gentlemen learn everything from style and grace to etiquette and chivalry. The G’s discover that with the right tools, they can become true gents.
Upon setting foot inside their posh Hollywood Hills mansion — known as the Gentleman’s Club — the boys are whipped into shape by host Fonzworth Bentley, the quintessential gentleman.
After stealing the spotlight as Diddy’s flawlessly dressed personal assistant, Fonzworth’s sense of style and impeccable manners earned him a reputation as a man of class. His book, Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence and Style to Get Ahead, focuses on bringing grace and dignity back to everyday life. Indeed, the dapper gent dreams of a day when “please” and “thank you” are part of the world’s vernacular again.
When it comes to going From G’s to Gents, no stone is left unturned. Each episode, the G’s will be taught an important lesson — from how to make a good first impression and always look their best to how to maintain a positive attitude and keep their composure in the face of conflict to how to treat a lady and speak eloquently.
Watching these G’s shed their grills, shave their mohawks, lay down their 40s and forget all those four-letter words is a guaranteed good time. But this isn’t just a life lesson; this is a competition — one that’s worth $100,000. So each episode, the G that fails to grow closer to becoming a gent is denied entrance into the Gentleman’s Club. The G’s will undergo a total transformation; one that forces them to answer tough questions about who they are and who they hope to become. They will strive to show the world their full potential. But, in the end, only one will graduate from G to gent. Who will it be?


Absurd show, sublime concept.  We could definitely see fewer” G’s ” and more “Gents”


Premieres July 15 on MTV


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