Massive Mo’Nique: Irritating the Masses

Here this absurdity goes again…..

Steve Harvey, the king of urban morning radio in Hampton Roads, stormed through the area with his onstage standup routine. Harvey was funny, but the storm was brought by his special guest comedian Mo’Nique.

monique.jpg The full-figured women’s champion known for her mom role on the TV Show “The Parkers,” got on several church folks’ last nerves with some of her anti-religion jokes. In front of packed audiences on June 14 and 15 inside Norfolk’s Scope, many of them fans of Harvey’s radio show that begins with praises to God, Mo’Nique gave a “hellafied” performance.

She cussed up a storm: F-word, B-word, and S-word. She ranted about “skinny b——” in the audience being hungry because they didn’t eat before the show. She tripped about not using a condom and getting pregnant with twins 17 years after her son was born of a different father. She gave advice about sex before marriage, during marriage and in addition to marriage. She was funny doing the typical topics that comics tackle on BET’s Comic View or Comedy Central on cable. But then she had to go talking about religion. That’s when, for some, the hall got cold enough to freeze hell over.

Mo’Nique joked about “Christians being some of the most judgmental muthaf—–” and churches that have a lot of collections such as “building funds” for buildings that never get built. But what really tipped the altar was when she said Jesus “is my ni—–.” The context actually was that she was saying the Bible describes Jesus as Black and not blond-haired and blue-eyed. As much as Mo’Nique went on and on using the N-word (Harvey doesn’t use it onstage, but admits to using it just about everywhere else) Jesus and N-word in the same phrase stunned many in the crowd. Mo’Nique felt it as she told the audience she could tell some of them weren’t with her. Some of the folks staring back at her looked like church mothers walking the aisles with canes who were obviously drawn to the stage show by Harvey’s daily morning radio devotions. The most they probably knew of Mo’Nique was her role as Niki Parker on TV. There were several Mo’Nique fans in the audience who were famliar with her live act and loving it.

source: – Mo’Nique’s Jokes Irk Church Folks


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