“Date My Ex” : Nobody Messes with My Family

 So says Slade Smiley on the season opener of “Date My Ex’

I’m taking one for the legions of viewers who refuse to watch this spinoff of The Real Housewives of Orange County   Nine minutes in, and I need a shower.   With bleach.   Slade tells these guys that no one messes with his family and Jo is family .  With a family member like Slade, who needs enemies?    Poor Grayson, his youngest child,  sick with brain cancer    He speaks of it briefly here    .http://www.ocregister.com/articles/slade-ocr-smiley-2097268-rosa-really

Poor abandoned Gavin, the older son. Not to mention calling your parents “The Clampetts” to their faces on national tv. Slimy Slade. With family like Skade, you’re better off with a cobra. At least you know  its supposed to be slimy.    And what the hell is he wearing?  Someone tell him he’s too old for the unwashed look.   PLEASE


Four guys show up at Slades supposed home in LA for this trainwreck to be introduced to Slade by this pimp named Myia . How Slade has a home is a mystery.

 Jo’s first John is Martin. Slade and Myia watch the date on camera. This guy buys Jo a red dress to wear on the date. Whore much?

A sailor hat arrives from the second John, Michael. He takes her fishing on a boat. How romantic. Decapitating a fish. Fun.

John number three, David, sends her a Louis Vuitton scarf as his downpayment.  He takes her for a helicopter ride. He seems as slimy as Slade, so she will probably like him. Slimy doesn’t like him, and his clothing gets even grungier.

Nelson is John number four. She meets him at the beach in Malibu. For rock climbing, At least the rocks are real

At the end of the auction, Slade emotes about how he feels. Did i mention that he cannot act?

He asks David to leave.

Pimp Myia announces the elimination.  Jo, wearing what looks like a short nightgown, in other words, appropriate dress for a hooker, tells Michael no. Martin, no.  She chooses David. For drama…so contrived. 

So David will be back next week.   Can’t say I will.

I’m gonna need medication.

6 responses to ““Date My Ex” : Nobody Messes with My Family

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  4. Slade is adorable…not believable:however….as he is very much in love with his girl Jo….cannot and will not let her go! This show is bullshit…Everyone knows Jo will never leave SLIMY SLADE any way I think he is a super lover …without the stupid hats! CARYL from Massachusetts

  5. This show is soooo lame, I rather watch paint dry. For one thing, smarmy I mean Slade is such a loser old man. Thats not even his house! The show is so contrive, and whats with Jo? Why does she allow him to belittle her and speak so condescending to her? I hated when they were on RHOC and he treated her like a child. As for me I will wait for a better bravo show to take over. Hopefully, bravo will see no one can stand these two, poor, older, imitations of Heidi and Spencer.

  6. Bravo really went to the bottom of the barrel with this one!

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