Date My Ex: The Skinny on Myia

Myia the Music Publisher (allegedly)



4 responses to “Date My Ex: The Skinny on Myia

  1. jo is very beautiful but the show should be called date my best friend myia. truly one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life. love the hiar especially

  2. i think myia is so much more beautiful and sexy than jo is. jo is a ho

  3. Jo is as average as they come with a personality of a dry plank of wood. Who cares about this person? How is it that the most bland looking and boring people are getting reality shows all of a sudden? And I agree I’d much rather watch the cute english bird date.

  4. Myia is beautiful?? Are you guys kidding me? Not that I’m saying Jo is all that gorgeous – but, Myia is totally generic – boring, bland, too blond – and all that hair is her eyes looks ridiculous. If anything, Katy is the most attractive – she wears less makeup too.

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