Your Water Feature or Mine? Date My Ex

I’m speechless. Seems Slimy Slade is angry over the new john’s jumping into “his” water feature. His ‘water feature” is a small pond out in front of this property.  Not large enough to drown in, unfortunately.



2 responses to “Your Water Feature or Mine? Date My Ex

  1. The issue is not about drowning. It is however clearly and absolutely about the way one conducts oneself in someone’s home. When was the last time you saw someone swim in someone’s water feature, pond, or fountain? Not to mention dumpy David throws coins into the pond for the new prospects to fish out, (under a false premise) a fact that would leave any homeowner seething. (PS…many water features are also not strong enough to support 3 grown men jumping around on top of them!)What happens should one of those coins get stuck in the water hoses or drains, and clog up the motor? Will David pay the bill? Did you stay tuned long enough to watch as David totally rejects Slade’s accusations that he masterminded the devious pond romp? Guilty David out-n-out denied he acted alone, a fact to which we saw on tape he lead and carried out. It comes right down to respecting someone’s property, and as we clearly see on several episodes, Slade’s home is not respected, Ie. the “conondrum” vomiting on the carpet, (and then walking away) David’s perpetual insistance to create lewd and insulting food that resembles Jo, (Slade’s ex whom he clearly still cares for), etc. As this is Slade’s property and his home he is within his rights to do as he pleases! I would have done the same! I am speechless over the lack of respect for this man’s property.

  2. Lighten up.

    As those of us who followed the complete story, dating back to “Real Housewives” know, this is all Bravo created bullshit.

    It’s not his house, anyway. Your comment belongs on This is reality tv snark.

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