The Real Housewives of Atlanta:

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 Bravo’s latest foray into the world of The Real Housewives takes us to Atlanta.  This series begins on October 7, but Bravo has shown the preview several times. 



On Bravo.  Watch What Happens


4 responses to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta:

  1. Ne Ne Leaks is the reason I watch the show!

    She is real, engaging, fascinating, and a true DIVA.

    The other characters are, well, characters…Ne Ne is the genuine article in my humble opinion.

    A fan from New Jersey.


    My favorite shows are:

    1.Law and Order (all)
    2. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
    Project Runway
    Inside The Actor’s Studio Workshop
    Cold Case
    The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno

  3. De Shawn had a lot of nerve saying she was like a single mother because her husband is out of town a great deal. She used the term too loosely. Deshawn has a full household staff to assist her… She woke up her children and had a chef cooking for her..Single mothers don’t have a husband that afford them the luxury of not working and a house staff that supports them. When I leave my house the laundry and dirty dishes say “see you when you get back!”

  4. I believe that Deshawn did a good job in putting the event together,(she had some of her so call girlfriends who did not support her Sheree? who is a real hater of real down to earth people). Deshawn did not fail because people now know about her foundation and nothing beats a failure but a try. What she should have done was to invite more participators and less cheap skate spectators. Deshawn raising a million dollar was not unrealistic,but you have to invited people who were supportive of your cause and you should have sold tickets to get into the event. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!


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