Absurd and Sublime: The Real Housewives of Atlanta Premiere

 Lisa Wu HartwellLisa

The debut episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was not as bad as expected.  First of all, the preview was basically the first episode with another 23 minutes of footage.



10 responses to “Absurd and Sublime: The Real Housewives of Atlanta Premiere

  1. Great review!

    Isnt that Sheree something?

  2. If the show “Real” Housewives of Atlanta proves anything, it’s that money can not buy class.

    I’m sitting here watching the show and must admit I have not seen anything quite so embarrasing for Atlanta in a long long time.


  3. I agree embarrasing and classless women, downright bottom feeders. No class, ugly, no oney of their own and did i mention ugly

  4. I agree with most of the comments, the women do lack class and make themselves look like gold diggers. I do like Lisa she seems to have a lot of class, her own business and is articulate.

  5. I don’t think their ugly in appearance. Now their ways well now that’s another thing

  6. I like the show. Its funny and it only gives those who have money but no class a foolish name for themselves. DeShawn is talking about a governess, a nanny and a matron or whatever but lets remind her that if it werent for the money she now has thanx to her wealthy husband she wouldnt know the definition of those words. In the ghetto DeShawn those words dont exist.Wealthy people dont flunt there money like that. Its always the foolish and uneducated with no class who want to make a statement like these foolish ladies do on t.v. I still get a kick out of it. Noone who has money and in there right mind walks around saying “This bag is $7,000. Nene is living good because her story is that ‘From Rags To Riches”.

  7. I think the show is good..I love nene she keep it real I just think she a true black woman with money she don’t try and be classy cuz that’s not how she was bought up so some of you need to back off

  8. I think the show is hilarious. I love that Shawnie and Lisa balance out the absurdities of Kim, Sheree and NeNe. Some of it is obvious, like, NeNe, as much as I like some things about her(she tells it like she thinks it is), she’s a hoodie who married an old dude with money; Sheree is an angry and manipulative soon to be divorcee who is hurting and has no idea what its like to be a good friend to ANYONE; Kim is just lost in her blonde hair, big boobs and name brands – I hope there is at least one person of substance in her life for her children’s sake – did you see and hear the comments at first about Sheree and now about NeNe?

    the show is a hit because it has just enough of that “school girl, stab you in da back crap” that makes for great television.

  9. I love the show. Some people say they don’t like the show or didn’t like the altanta season, but you watched it from beginning to end. These woman aren’t all altanta just like orange county isn’t all orange county woman. So get over it, its entertainment. Good entertainment at that. And for everyone who says there classless, no one knows how classy or classless you are in there situations or life period. Half the people writing about class don’t know what it is theirselves. A lot of people including myself are READY for season 2.

  10. Whats up with NENe getting evicted from her home. I thought he husband was an tycoon investor. What the hell is going on in Atlanta? All this weatlh and status if fake. It really sad, the only only with anything is Mr. & Mrs. Snow.

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