Gretchen Rossi, The Newest Orange County "Housewife"

From Pop Tower:

Gretchen Rossi is one of the housewives featured on Bravo’s series, “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Gretchen Rossi on Bravo's

This season’s newest housewife is a 30-year-old blonde bombshell with a sparkling personality, dazzling smile and—something very few Orange County women have—real breasts.

 The complete story:



64 responses to “Gretchen Rossi, The Newest Orange County "Housewife"

  1. she is a whore

  2. she is soooo a whore

  3. She’s just a beatiful girl with backwards ideals. Saying she is a whore is “soooooo” mature.
    Give the girl a break.

  4. she a whore

  5. Their RIGHT, She’s as big a whore as they come!!!!

  6. my cousin is NOT a whore. “reality” tv is a whore. gretchen is amazing and beautiful. she is a great person


  8. hello EVERYON :] . OH YEAH I AM ALREADY A FAN I SAW HER ON HULU.COM & THE NEW HOUSEWIVE GRETCHEN IS A SWEET HEART I LOVE HER ATTIITUDE and SO WHAT!. she gets what she wants and if hes willing to fork over the cash SO WHAT. awsome couple MORE WOMEN POWER TO U HONEY.

  9. Luv Ya Girl…. We worked together in Corona Del Mar…She’s a great Gal…From the down under OZ…H

  10. Call me would luv to chat! or just e-mail luv you goose!!!

  11. whatever the chick may or may not be like in person… she is drop dead gorgeous… and i never like the long blonde blue eyed type (i.e. lauri, vicki, tamra also from real housewives OC).
    gretchen is fabulous honey. 3 snaps!~

  12. She looks like horse face BethO who married Howard Stern recently

  13. Is it necessary for people to judge others without knowing them? You don’t get to see the whole picture or the whole story, it is edited to make for the best television. Therefore, you are only going to see what the producers feel makes the most compelling tv drama. Some girls like older men, it’s not an issue or a problem, age has nothing to do with loving someone; the same goes for loving someone who is ill. Having cancer and dealing with someone who has cancer is an EXTREMELY difficult thing to deal with, no one would stick around for the money, its not worth it. And yes, I know this first hand, dealing with cancer myself….give her a break, why is it hard for people to believe that beautiful girls can love people without getting anything but their love in return.

  14. From a 64 year olds perspective, she is as real as real could be. The entire group is so plastic it’s a marvel the world can not see the contrast from “THE ORIGINAL’S” to the breath of fresh air Gretchen is! I will only hope she will continue to be “THE PRETTIEST” woman on the show. Vicki is my least favorite. If Gretchen continues I will be happy. If not I love to read!!!!

  15. dont judge what you dont know

    For those of you Judging..

    How can you nitwits call her a whore, men sleep with 50 women before they finally chose a virgin. Men say a girl that has had 5 lovers is a whore?? And women who call her a whore are obviously JUST JEALOUS that Gretchen got the beauty and the personality that they didn’t get.

    You are all complete morons and retarded. If you even watched the show, Jeff wanted Gretchen to take her mind off of worrying about him. Besides that she deserved taking a break, she took care of him, its not easy taking care of your loved one and watching them die.
    And what moron believes there isn’t more to the story, its television they cut out so much, noone seen all of her heartache, the producers were portraying her to be this party animal while he was in the hospital, and only included showing her cry once. Its all for ratings. The producers are the dirt bags.

    After losing my loved one without marrying him for the same reason other dumb morons believed and whispered, I can sympathize.

    Gretchen, You are a beautiful person. Screw all the naysayers keep your head up, stay true to who you are, you have an amazing personality that most people are just jealous of. He will forever be in your heart. When you are ready to move on, don’t listen to the even more awful things that people will say about you. Just remember that he would want you to be HAPPY.

    Those who Judge will be judged on judgment day!

  16. she’s not a whore. she’s a fucking 10! all you bitches are jealous. i’d give my left nut just to meet her =]

  17. if you all only knew the truth, she is a gold digging whore, while Jeff was dying in hospital she was already screwing a much younger guy called Jay and after the funeral he moved in, they are totally a couple now.. and she is not that hot, you should see how much make-up she cakes on to hide the acne..

  18. Gretchen is a whore. That is without question. She was fucking the old man for money. THAT equals a whore.

    Mind you, she is beautiful on the outside but its apparent she is very ugly on the inside. About as deep as a childs pool.

    But when you look like that, you dont have to do anything than find a old rich guy to fuck and your made. She did that!

    I feel sorry for Jeff’s children if she got her hands on the money that should have went to them.

  19. I like her she seems really nice she is the best looking one on the show

  20. People that judge others are usually jealous!.. i am jealous of how beautiful she is!Yeah maybe she does like money but who doesnt.. I DO! if you were in her place you would probably do the same thing! think before you speak people!

  21. she is doing what she has to, to make it in this world. unfortunately i saw that preview for next week. That changes my whole perspective about her. maybe she is a whore

  22. For whom wrote, “dont(sic) judge what you dont(sic) know” for a name. Seems your the biggest Judge of them all with your ad hominem, a name, nickname, would’ve been enough, rather you gave a partial sophomoric incomplete hackneyed sentence.

    “dont(sic) judge what you dont(sic) know” wrote-
    “Those who Judge will be judged on judgment day!” ~~Another of your cliche. I believe it’s called an opinion for those who have made comments about a
    TV Show.
    You’re aware that you will be judged for your illiteracy. Incase of failure, you shall be sent back to earth as a blathering sheep not much of a difference now.

    The producers have done a great job, just from these comments there are new projects.
    It’s only a show incase no one has noticed, keep watching and pulling each others hair, makes for great watching.

    My advice to you all, except to a few, get an education and find the true definition of “whore” since a large percentage of you don’t know the meaning of such a non meaningful word, put down your bible and pick up a dictionary.

    Mr. Beitzel gave thousands of dollars to G.W. Bush.
    Beitzel was for 100 years in Iraq and more concerned on a tax breaks for his company then health care for the employees or benefits, Mr. Beitzel will not be missed. Stop screaming at each other and become one and see what people like Beitzel do to further harm us in this great country of ours. Gretchen is not much different.

    Jeffrey P. Beitzel
    54 Years Old
    Jeffrey P. Beitzel, age 54, has served as our Chief Operating Officer and as a member of our Board of Directors since March 2005. Until the disposition of our Tecstar Automotive Group segment, Mr. Beitzel also served as President of Tecstar Automotive Group and as an executive officer of several of Tecstar Automotive Group”s subsidiaries. In his career, Mr. Beitzel founded and owned several automotive companies since leaving an engineering position with Ford Motor Company in 1983. These businesses have generally focused on converting automotive design concepts into limited volume production for OEMs. Mr. Beitzel received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University.
    RSS Feed on Jeffrey Beitzel

    Jeffrey P. Beitzel Officer position-Chief Operating Officer.
    Pay- $ 775.00K before bonuses
    03/14/2008 FINAL COMPENSATION $ 1,127,608.00

    BEITZEL, JEFFREY P. MR. one(1) of many Donations
    TROY, MI
    48083 QUANTUM TELSTAR/C.O.O. $2,300 03/05/2007

    Happy new year-2009.

  23. everything changed after I saw her and Ryan. and for nobody to be saying anything to them was ridiculous. She has that guy with cancer I mean why do that to him and now. She is gonna get some heat from people, Im sure it changes everybodys perspective on her ya know. Shes really hot but I think shes a gold digger I mean she gets anything she wants and kinda doesnt show the affection you would get from a couple, hopefully not the only reason there together but I wouldnt doubt it.

  24. Yeah she is a whore, but who fucking cares?

    I doubt Jeff would have given her the time of day if she was an average looking woman. They were both using each other, both caught up in a superficiality that means so much to so many people.

    The only thing that might be considered unsettling is the obvious dishonesty that coated their mutually beneficial relationship – but this is nothing new, most relationships are based upon lies anyway.

    I do hope she ends up with a sex tape one day – I would totally watch that.

  25. ↑ is this Vicki form RHWOC?

  26. Poor Gretchen has just been the victim of reality TV & how they twist things! Tamra & Vicki are HORRIBLE & even in the episode tonight, I cannot believe how they tried to set her up to make her look bad. The only reason people say such mean things is because they are jealous!!!!

  27. Gretchen is real. I like her. Tamra is something else….but she is not aware of it. Vicky is beyond help, possibly. They are all human and God loves them so so do I.

  28. At least Gretchen has mirth, that is the happiness she shows because the other women are getting towards menopause and they don’t have it anymore.

  29. Yeah, she’s a whore/milf. I guess technically not a milf. the funniest is tamra’s son taking advantage of the opportunity. well, since she was drunk, would that be rape? there are many like her, it’s just that she’s on tv. her type will be around forever. get over it.

  30. shes hot i would do her

  31. and a whore but a whore that i would bang

  32. Get a me Gretch 512

  33. Hey senserdog….. you’re a whore as well.

  34. Oh…and I bet she’s a goer, firecracker and a squirter.

  35. I am the biyfriend oGretchen Rossi from the Real Housewives of Orange County. She was with me for over a year and with me when she met up with Jo and Slade and they asked her to be a part of the show. I want to tell the Real Story. If you ask a question I will answer… YES even you Michelle in Vegas!

  36. It seems that she was a hard worker that made her own money before she met Jeff. From what I understand she didn’t ask for or get any money after Jeff passed away. Whore??? Not even close. Because she flirted with a guy a few years younger than her? Or because she was dating a rich older man? Well, I’m pretty sure the rich older man would have not had anything to do with her if she didn’t look the way she does. So they must have just been using each other then. I like her on the show. She seems like a lot of fun. I wish her the best.

  37. You’re WRONG… She collected huge & even hired her own lawyer to go against the estate of Mr. Beitzel, trying to squeze every penny she can….. WHORE

  38. i freakin luv luv luv gretchen….n that shady shit they did 2 her at the dinner was just proof n made them look dumb,tamra is da biggest hater that eva lived n so is vicki them bitches couldnt hide da fakeness even if they wanted to…n anybody wit a heart can c the luv she has 4 jeff n whoever doesnt is just hatin on her…gretchen, real recognizes real. keep doin u!!!

  39. For ih8peas…. You couldn’t be more wrong/delusional! I know for fact she demanded a life insurance policy from him shortly before he died, that’s f-up! She didn’t make any money prior to meeting Jeff. I know them both…..

  40. I watched the entire season and Gretchen seems to be a great person, I would love to meet her in person if it were ever possible. I have had the same type of hatred toward me in the past and I know how it could feel to be “hated” like she was and is by some of you “haters” so to speak ha ha. I hope that things well get easier for her. I couldn’t imagine wha it would be like to loose my love f my life!!! I afterall… don’t know her but for what the tv has shown me, but I was always tought NOT to judge. I will stand by that and for people that like to judge, well obviously don’t have anything better to with their time. I like Gretchen, End Of Story>>>…


  42. Gretchen, I liked you from day 1 and know that you were misjudged. My husband passed away from ALS two years ago so I can relate to the anguish you went through and regret that your Fiance lost his battle with cancer. I know how hard it is we were together for 7 years. The only advice I can give is that I know he is in a better place. If you happen to read this please don’t hesitate to write to me as I am genuinely someone who can relate to you and I have always thought you were right on from day one. You can’t help who you fall in love with and age is a number! To all of the people who judge before really getting to know people shame on you. God is the only judge.

    Tammi who is the most jealous woman I think I have ever come across and to see your husband Simon feed into that is even more absurd.

    Hey Tammi at least Gretchen had a career first and had things going for herself. What about you? I don’t see that you work. I scoff at you because you are worse to judge Gretchen. Get a life and be true to your own self.

    Vicky you are a miserable person after what I saw on the last episode. You couldn’t even accept a goodwill gesture with the gift. Get over yourself and get a divorce if you are that miserable in your marriage.

  43. I’ve watched the show from the beginning. My true favorites have been Lori, Jeana, and Gretchen. The others are mean evil bitches. Gretchen does rock anyway you look at her.

  44. Damn seems like alot of ppl have too much time on your hands and is going crazy over a reality show. Who cares what people do, mine your own buisness because in the LONG run its all that counts. So take the engery you are using to bash a women you dont know and put it in to making a postive difference.

    Gretchen-sorry about your loss and my prayers are with you and your family. Keep you head up, only god knows you in and out and hes the only one that counts!

  45. I like Gretchen, she’s beautiful! Love her hair. I can’t stand Vicki, she would drive me nuts!!!! Tamra & Vicki are so jealous of Gretchen, they can’t see straight! Gretchen is the “Hottest Housewife.”
    So sorry about Jeff passing away. I like Jeana & Lori too. I hope they get rid of Vicki next season & keep Gretchen on the show.

  46. I love Gretchen .. What a great person she just got beat up by the jealous bitches who have everything …. uhhhhh The only reason I watched this season was to see how the bitches attacked her… Gretchen is the best stay beautiful and I wish you all the best an woman that can take care of a dieing man is a great woman…. LOve Love Love her …. Stop the hating….

  47. I luv luv Gretchen! How could you not love her? Jealousy can make people say very ugly things. So what if she always wants to be the center of attention. She’s a beautiful REAL person. She likes money and she likes herself. Who doesn’t? She used Jeff and he used her right back. They had a happy mutual relationship of convenience, but I believe they did love each other to some extent. They both knew what it was. Oh, and by the way Spencerdog, I didn’t know blogs should be treated like English papers. Maybe you should go back to college because your response was full of run on sentences. (4th grade mistakes). Cheers to the hottest housewife by far. Tamara and Vicki should be embarrassed by how jealous they obviously are.

  48. I liked Gretchen. She was there for Jeff, and it was clear how much he loved her. I also thought it was clear how much his kids loved her. I use to like Tamara, but is was so mean on this show. Tamara, you need to get some real self confidence. Your a beautiful girl, but the way you always cut down Gretchen and Lynn makes you very insecure. Gretchen, I wish you the best of Luck!

  49. She’s a whore, plain and simple. Enough said …

  50. Gretchen is so hott! And the rest of the housewives are jealous of her. Keep workin it girl!!!! Keep your head up.

  51. Vickie treats her husband like trash he is going to run off with somebody else. Tamra is not as hot as she thinks. Get over your selves. Jeana is the only true friend on the show. And I truly hope she finally finds happness.

  52. I totally respect and applaud Gretchen for being there for
    Jeff. He was happy and he loved her tremendously and it is
    not up to us or those other low life housewives minus Jeana{because she is the only one who was supportive}who were always having something to say and as far as
    tamara’s fake ass she is just jealous because everything about Gretchen is real and not fake as where to Tamara has fake breast and botox shots up the ass and Vicky she is an over bearing control freak nut case who treats her husband like a doormat. I am totally on Gretchen’s side and
    very proud of her committment to Jeff and I am sure that his children were happy that their dad was happy and everybody else can just beat it.

  53. If Gretchen is a whore, so are Tamra and Vicki. Tamra wouldn’t be married to Simon if he didn’t have money–same thing. Vicki will let anyone put their arms on her, and they’re both married. Gretchen isn’t married. She can do what she wants.
    If you think Jeff didn’t know about all of this, you’re mistaken. The man has been married multiple times and knew how she was when he hooked up with her. He wasn’t an idiot. Gesh.

  54. I like her……she is a very pretty woman and sooooo many people hate to see someone more attractive then themselves, so unfortunate..that people hate you becuz they aint u… keep ur head up and dont let these haters keep u down or back. do u!!!!

    the other housewife is SO JEl. over you it so clear……

    I love that red dress you had on, I hope to see you on Session 5,, good luck! hell we all wish we was in ur shoes….

  55. Jay Photoglou….I went to school with you (Hewes & Foothill) and you were a loser then & apparently haven’t changed. What is the purpose of divulging your (supposed) relationship w/ Gretchen? Trying to get your 15 minutes of fame? You’re pathetic…go away!

  56. Michelle,

    Gretchen was trying to portray that her “love” for Jeff was real and that they were engaged. All the while she was dating Jay. She lied to everyone on the show. THAT’S the point.

    By the way, sticking up for a whore that you’ve never met is pretty pathetic.


  57. Jay is disgusting and there’s no way Gretchen has/had anything to do with him. we were at Bass Lake when they were there… she didn’t give him the time of day. he followed after her like a lost puppy dog. He’s a loser and she’s beautiful & successful… of course he wants people to think they’re an “item.” He’s friends w/my boyfriend’s brother… HE too said it’s all a lie. Jay’s a loser… bottom line.

  58. she is really attention hungry. she’s really pretty though, I wish she would stop trying so hard to be the center of attention. she does it in a slutty way, like hanging over guys, etc. not in a funny way- like tamra’s one liners or word vomit

  59. btw, it is possible to dislike someone without being jealous of them. i thought tamra was jealous all season, but she was really just mad that gretchen was seeing/ hanging on other men. Gretchen is SMOKING HOT, but she’s so desperate for attention, worse than vicki. vicki does it in a slutty way sometimes too, but not when gretchens around- cuz gretchens so much hotter, vicki knows she cant compete lol. tamra is an attention whore in a funny way- so i dont mind. lynne and jeana are givers, they are not attention whores. that is why they are capable of being friends with gretchen.



  61. She is a very pretty pretty girl and she loved jeff i could she it in her eyes and jeff new it to thats why he wanted to marry her remember who asked who to get married and most of the ladys on he show was haters wonder why (prettygirl).And if it was just for money she made jeff a happy man up until he passed away so why everyone have so much to say ,find something else to do with all of yall time then to worry about her life cause you better belive she will have a good and blessed life.


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