Loving NeNe

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No doubt Linnietha Leakes, known as NeNe, is the breakout star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”



12 responses to “Loving NeNe

  1. I love Ne Ne so much i think that she is a real ass person and down to earth says whats ever on her mind and she is very smart. The only thing is that she is loud and needs to turn it down a little but not in a bad way anyway she is a live bob wire.

  2. I like Ne Ne! I admire her for supporting Deshawn during her fundraiser. She didn’t leave or talk down to her, much class in that situation.

  3. I absolutely love NeNe she is real. She, even with her loudness shows more class and caring than all of the other wives. She was very sincere when she was assisting Deshawn with her event. Though this event was a bust she was very supportive and concern with the effects it had on Deshawn. Yes, she could tone it down a notch, but all in all you get the feeling that she is not out to really hurt anyone, and she is not conniving and sneaking around with a master plan like Shiree and Kim. You know Kim is a crook because she is doing another women’s husband. And, that right there sucks. Also, Shiree is in a dream world, and holding on to what she reallly does not have. She’s always quoting money and acting like it is nothing, when we all know you are waiting for a settlement from a long divorce which may or may not happen the way you want it too. She’s hoping she will get 7 figures, but she may not get more than 2 figures. Who is she kidding herself. Also, we know why she pushed NeNe out of Kim,’s life so she can be exposed to big PaPa and maybe find herself a high roller or baller. She’s probably wants a big papa like Kim. See monkey see monkey me too monkey. In other words she would like to have what Kim has and if Kim is not careful she will. You know. Also Lisa, is a motor mouth and a tattle tale. Because she told Shiree of all people what happen at Deshawn’s Party. Some things do not need to be repeated, if you are not for drama why would you tell Shiree anything. She is Ne Ne’s arch enemy. You would not it you do not want the drama. So she is full of it too. Love that Ne Ne, Love her too death.

  4. NeNe is my girl! My daughter’s name is Nee-Nee too! A woman of my own heart… Can’t stand fakers. I was sorry to here that NeNe’s dad was not her biological parent. Stay strong girl, you have been through Hell and high water so just keep, keep moving on you have family who loves you dearly. Remember that. Baby just shake it off. 😉

  5. My friends tell me that I am like Ne Ne but I think that I am like Lisa (Her business savvy) and Shawn (her kind heart) too. However, I am so proud of NeNe for her Twisted Hearts Foundation. NeNe is Lil Miss I Keep It Real!

  6. I kinda of like NeNe because she is real. However, her speech drives me crazy. It is obvious is that she is uneducated, brash and crass and simply married well . Geez, her weave is horrible. Does she have any hair? Also, who is the father of her oldest son? Shawn is a very kind hearted individual. Lisa is the only one that can stand on her own or can she. Why did she lose custody of her children with Keith Sweat? Kim is Trailer Park Trash that is a kept women, I don’t know if “Big Poppa” is married, I have read that he is a Real Estate Developer. Who is the father of Sheree’s oldest daughter? The are all Gold-diggers.

    Whose cars are leased or borrowed? Whose living in rented homes?

  7. These women are smart. They put themsevles in positions to meet very wealthy men. Everybody with the exception of Kim, married their men. I do not particularly agree with their “high school” methods of manipulation. They have the potential to do much good. Women of Atlanta I really do hope that all this television backstabbing is a “act”. It would be tragic to waste such talent.

  8. why are you all on NeNe’s tip like she is better than the rest. If it wasn’t for Gregg, she would be just another loud mouth ghetto woman in the projects starting trouble.

    and as far as her being smart, Oh Please. the woman didn’t know a half from a third. NeNe started the whole drama thing and you all are on her tip like she’s a victim.

    She is trash with cash, yelling out for more wine at a nice restaurant like she was at Jimmy’s Rib Shack. All that wine is taking it’s toll because her chest hangs like a true cow.

    I actually think she was a hooker Gregg found somewhere and fell in love with. She is in the same boat with the rest because if her man leaves she will fall on her face, just like OJ wife living off child support like it will never end.

    all except for Lisa. she has taken what she got and made more. but that must be the asian blood in her, like Kimora.

  9. nene is not a vitim you who said u are low class and are just jealous of her because you probly livin in the projects with yo baby daddy

  10. Ne ne is just being herself and that is ok if that is who she is. No one can change a person. Lisa should’nt have went back and started more drama. Talking about someone behind their backs is a form of backstabbing. Ne ne talked about Kim and she should’nt have done that if they were suppose to be friends and Kim shouldn’t have done it either. What you do to others will be done to you or maybe it has already been done to you. Deshawn is the real one she hasn’t talked badly about anyone and isn’t starting any drama with none of them. Sheree want’s to keep the same life style that she had with her husband without her husband. Sheree needs to make her own bread and to don’t depend on her settlement to make her or break her. Use your connections lady! It will come if it is meant to be. Kim is bored and is trying to find herself and that’s cool. She was trying to sing and that’s a start but we all know that she needs singing lessons every day. If Kim want’s real singing lessons she can call me I will help her sing on tune. Pour Dallas Austin! Sorry about Big Papa and her didn’t work out but you can’t be with someone elses man and expect him to buy you Cadillac Escalades and not show his face every once in a while. That’s not a relationship that’s a game your playing. Keeping it real!

  11. Nene you were the most down to earth person on the show. You kept it real! Your quick witted response to nonsense was smart and key into not letting Sheree’s fake ass get the best of you.

    Sheree is so full of herself and so grossly fake its no wonder she is going through a divorce, she is just phoney to the core and ugly to the bone. She can’t even talk without sounding fake!! ugh

    Kim needs to get a brain, she just stupid for allowing the manipulation of Sheree to get involved between your friendship with her. If Kim knew better she would of realize you were her true friend, and Sheree was just looking for a friend because she has nobody! In order for Sheree to have friends she has to manipulate them to gain them.

    Nene, you are a beautiful “REAL” woman, keep being who you are, God Bless you and your family.

  12. All of you all that Love NeeNee personality so much are loud mouth individuals, because telling a person what you think all the time is Ghetto. You can’t get a word in when your talking to her. She’s the trouble maker on the show not Kim,You know every body have a problem but LOUD MOUTH NEE NEE. And yall call that CLASS, I KNOW WHERE YALL COME FROM. DO I, HAVE TO SAY IT!!!! PROJECT’S PEOPLE>

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