Sheree and Kim: Nothing in Common


                                                                                   Dallas Austin


Let’s all give a collective sigh of “poor Sheree”.  , the ‘queen of mean” on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, seems to be losing all her props.  So who does she turn to?   Kim Zolniak.



3 responses to “Sheree and Kim: Nothing in Common

  1. I love all the women cast on this show . Thats the reason why I wacth Atlanta house wives. Even though Ne-Ne and Sheree aren’t getting along, i love the both. Sheree is cool and clam and keeps it all together. She’s real sweet. Ne-Ne reminds me of a homegirl i could use right now . Me having A little tast of star life is really alot , people trying to be your friend and you can’t trust them. I called my self looking for new friends and it’s nothing like having a real down to earth person beside you like Ne-Ne thats what I like about the two.

  2. It is obvious that Sheree is just wanting to piss Nene off.

    How is it that Kim and Nene were friens for 3 years and her kids LOVED Nene and some “rumors” went around and Kim ended the friendship VIA EMAIL…C’mon…

    Sheree was the master mind behind all of this BULL. I always say it is the quiet ones you have to watch.

  3. Vanessa Johnson

    Lisa u are so fake and scary on so many levels! U started all the bullshit by running ur freaking mouth get a grip u know u were sitting next to ne-ne she should of flipped ur buff ass over the couch. Kim u my girl keep the hustle up I dig it!!!!!!! Tell El-Wacko scary lisa to take her husband and get his ass lipo suction he look feminine he got mo ass than his wack ass wife

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