Sheree and All Her Children

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6 responses to “Sheree and All Her Children

  1. sheree you must be a virgo …they are great lier..they are nasty nice like you. we know lisa told you what ne ne sang a song about kim…and you told kim what she sang…you and lisa is the trouble you two . should stand up and tell the truth. judas both of u.

  2. Sheree!

    You are the phoniest friend I have seen. You should have taken time out of your chatter to go to the door to explain the mishap at the party to your good friend. You called her on the phone and invited her. The decent thing to do was go to the door. You, Lisa, and DeShawn stood in the wine cellar knowing that it was wrong and that it was a mistake and did anything because you didn’t feel like being embarrased in front of a whole lot of people that talk about you anyway. After that you and Lisa started conflict between Kim and NeNe. You needed someone on your side and who better than the white girl who doesnt fit in. Friends tell the truth. It may not be in the best way but it is still truth. No, Kim cannot sing. Her smoking has destroyed that if she ever could sing. If you was a true friend, you would tell her so that she wouldnt be embarrased at the end of the day. You both lost not only a good friend but a fun and true friend in NeNe. My friends and I dont agree on everything but i respect what they have to say and I might not like it but i would never intentionally embarrass them and laugh about it. Shame on you. But you do see what comes around goes around. Oh, by the way. Where are those samples and were you wearing one of your originals… HAHA! I am so happy that NeNe got a laugh out of that one. Go ahead NeNe. Swing the weave to the right and keep it movin girl!

  3. I agree with you honey how the hell did Sheree find out

    unless Lisa told she started that and she should of made it

    right. NeNe is something that they are not a real chic go girl.

    Kim cannot sing and NeNe husband spoke the truth at that

    dinner. Sheree and Kim are two phonies and Lisa is a trouble

    maker she can’t sing dont blame it on nothing but her voice.

    Deshawn is easy going and sweet y can’t they be like her.

  4. 1. I don’t like Sheree either.
    2. Lisa talks too darn much, so she shouldn’t have been mad at Kim for outting her.
    3. NeNe shouldn’t be singing stupid songs about folks. Yeah she told the truth, but so did Big Mouth Lisa. She can’t be angry with Kim for being through with her.
    4. Deshawn acts a lil too cute, like she knows she can play cute and does. Her husband must love that isht, but I think its just a lil phoney.

  5. I love NeNe and Lisa, Kim and Sheree need to get a life and Deshawn keep being quiet the less u say the least drama you would be in. Oh and Sheree I love those samples u showed at ur viewing hahaha She by Sheree what a mess. Kim don’t sing, don’t think about singing just smoke ur cigs and keep looking stupid wit that big ass wig

  6. I dislike DeShawn too. Not enogh life experience to comment on anything!!


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