“Seven Figures Sheree’s” HOME UP FOR SALE ..Sends Her Children To PUBLIC SCHOOL!!! –


November 28, 2008. Is Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield going broke?? Well apparently Sheree has put up her home – a 9,000 square foot mansion on the market for $2.8 million.
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14 responses to ““Seven Figures Sheree’s” HOME UP FOR SALE ..Sends Her Children To PUBLIC SCHOOL!!! –

  1. Mike from Detroit

    LOL! Good! Always remember, “people are intimidated by her sucess”

  2. You know during the whole show you acted like to was all that and you was better than everybody and you treated nene, lisa, and dashawn like nothing…and look what happens…You don’t have anything!!!!!!!!!! You was so busy speaking negative about nene so bad that it actually hit you and if you were to go to nene and ask her for help she would be the real woman and friend and do whatever for you and your kids…You ought to be a shame of yourself…..

  3. I think Sheree is full of shit. I think she really thinks she is better than the other ladies on the show. The comment she made about nene being ugly she should take a look in the mirror i think nene is very pretty more so than Sheree.Kim should talk about nene looking like a man she looks like she is over 40 she cant be 30 years old that shit is a lie.

  4. Truly sad state of affairs, I guess that seven figures is not coming through, unless, she is using it to move into a bigger home and her husband’s dime. Public school is fine, then her children will understand what it is like not to have what they want everytime they ask and see kids who come from a different background, but are still good people.

  5. Sheree, I’m so sorry that you have to sell maybe God has something better for you.
    I think that you are sneaky and very jealous of Nene but I don’t wish this kind of valley time on no one.

    Best of luck to you and your children

  6. SHEREE,

  7. well well well, looks like all that jaw-jackin has come to haunt u. Always talking about nene but she got her husband and her money oh and her home. Get your shit in order sheree~ I’m laughing right now cause your a joke

  8. I think that they should change the name to gold diggers of atl. They are not real housewives. Real housewives, cook, clean, take care of their children and thier hubby. They don’t hire cooks, maids, and spend 5 figers on bull shit.

  9. i agree with Anonymous, they are gold diggers, i dont know any REAL housewives that spend that kind of money on the thing that those women spend it on. It is rediculous

  10. People need to stop with Sheree and this he/she bull just because they don’t like her attitude. I don’t care for her either or at least how she was portrayed on TRHOA but I am not going to say she is ugly or looks like a man because she is pretty and she doesn’t look like one. Her attitude is just funky and that is what makes her ugly.

    As for NeNe, people are breaking their backs to portray her better than what she may really be. She is a bit of a trouble maker but everyone keeps saying she keeps it “real”. If keeping it real is talking about people at every end, then yes she kept it very real. NeNe has moments when she can be vulnerable and truthful and that is what I like about her. When she is hurt you see it and it feels genuine and when she is angry you see it, it isn’t hidden but she is no saint, like she is being made out to be. She is one of those people her husband talked about when he said there are plenty of people who throw stones and hide their hands. NeNe’s done her fair share of starting mess too.

    The point is both these women may be *ss out.

  11. Take it from someone who’s been there, ATL is NOT the place to look for a wife. You have these 40+ year old women looking for husbands just to pay their bills and be on easy street. Athletes and entertainers beware of the ATL scene, cause these ‘diggers’ do look good. ATL is a great place for getting “poon tang”, as it is in unlimited supply in an environment where most of the women there will give it up, especially if they feel a man is marriage material (stable job, home, disposable cash, etc.) I don’t feel sorry for Shere, as all she talked about was her attempts at a seven figure settlement. There is no poon tang worth seven figures, period!! Take my advice, ATL is a great place to visit, have an affair, or two, or three, but make no mistake about it, don’t leave there with southern wife. The ATL women have definitely been “around the block”, especially the post 40 crowd, and they are simply not worth the headache you’ll get as a result.

  12. Class act??? Am I the ONLY one that noticed how many times she said “Ax”… “Axed” me something … etc.

    Im sorry, it’s just hilarious to me to sit there and watch someone act so high, mighty, refined and cultured, then spit out “Ax” instead of “Ask”

  13. That’s exactly what she get, thinking she all that.

    And whatever happened to that tired ass clothing line she was trying to start? Wasn’t it called Shit-By-Sheree?

    Now she BROKE like the rest of us… Materialistic ass Hoe.

    I swear, I can’t stand superficial people….

  14. Good for her!!!

    Payback is a bitch, ain’t it???

    6 figures my ass, Ms. “People are Intimidated by my success”!!! That Bitch needs a true reality check!

    Lisa would be who I considered the TRUE housewife, cause she pretty much has her own income as a real Estate agent, and has a Jewlery line, Cooks & cleans herself, & doesn’t rely on her husbands income. But I do like Deshawn & Nene too.

    Deshawn needs to lay off all those services in her home cause everybody working in that house is making a income off of her & her husbands money!

    Nene is a little ghetto, but she does keep it 100! Love her for that!

    KIM? Wannabe Tacky ass trailer park hoe who think she can sing…. LOL!!!

    Sheree??? She need to sit her ass down somewhere. She’s a wannabe shallow hoe from the Ghetto who never had nothing, & trying to be the number one dyme of the century (which will never happen.)

    Dwight was right when he said, “How Dreadful!!!” lol

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