NeNe Evicted

This has been an internet rumor for several weeks



NeNe Leakes and her husband, Gregory Leakes, left the five-bedroom property in November after Winwood Properties filed an eviction notice.



7 responses to “NeNe Evicted

  1. Dont Worry I got it...

    These women front so hard and try to be something that their not. Im glad the bitch got evicted maybe it will humble her ass!

  2. I totally agree, fake ass NeNe. Gettho trash

  3. I love NeNe she is the bomb

  4. I like Ne Ne and I hope her and her husband and especially her kids did not get evicted. I hate to see that happen to anyone. She was not fronting like Sheree. Ne Ne just acted down to earth and like a fun person to hang out with. She did not go out and buy her son a car for his sweet sixteen the way most of the rich people do. She waited until he finished high school and I thought that was a smart move.

  5. From the show I thought a lot of Greg and I feel sorry for them.

    The funniest part of the show was where NeNe did not know if she would rather have 1/3 or 1/2 of something! LOL!!

    Terry Thomas
    Celebrity Photographer
    Atlanta, Georgia USA

  6. I knew the biotch was fake, She was a gold digger anyway, marrying that old man and sucking every penny out of him, She will just move on and find some other sugar daddy, She is nothing but welfare “black trash” with an ugly wig, actually, she remind me of “NEW YORK’ Cheap, trashy and most of all “fake’.

  7. Cant wait to see if Ne Ne can redemn herself…her ass thrown in the street ..owes the IRS she maybe headed for the big house? I want to see how Sheree can live on her 400000 settlement…somebody will have to go to work noone wants someone like her with a couple of kids and a close friend she shot out her t@@@ at 19….she might as well decide she will have to put on her own makeup and cook her own collard greens and drive herself…

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