Lauri Waring May Be Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County

On to Season 3. Lauri   learned to censor what she says…..however:



3 responses to “Lauri Waring May Be Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County

  1. good, goodbye Lauri now maybe pay attention to your kids for a change instead of worrying about yourself

  2. Lauri, I have to say that seeing what you wonderful son, Josh is going through is heartbreaking. I will miss your beautiful face & heart not to mention your great kidis and hubby, George, though I feel your life has taken such a wonderful step and I couldn’t be happier for you and I agree that you have to concentrate on your family and mostly, Josh. I always loved watching you and when they did a marathon today and re-showed your wedding, it was wonderful to see such a outpouring of genuine love and such a class act by all. I also have a son named Josh that faced challenges a few years back though none as drasctic as what your son is going through. I will keep you in my prayers and I wish your family a lifetime of good health & happiness.

  3. Any wonder why Lauri and George left the show? Read two letters from each of their sons. Gives you an insight into their reality….
    Slayte’s letter from TMZ 5-21-09 under the story about Lauri asking her X for more child support.

    #79. THIS IS SLAYTE!!! Not an imposter, the Real deal! I am George’s EX son. Lauri is nothing but a golddigging bimbo and none of our family members like her or want her around. She does nothing in our home but check herself out on the internet and is so full of herself. Both her and George think they are Real Celebrities! They are a joke! She is the evil step mother from hell and nobody can stand her. I ran away from home 6 months ago because of the abuse George has done to me and my SISTERS! Before that he had me sent away because I didn’t want to be beat by him anymore and wanted to stay with my mom. Guess what George and Lauri, I am 18 years old now and you can’t keep me from being heard now. You made sure that our lives were miserable these last few years while you pretended to be the great people that you aren’t, boy do I have a story to tell!!!! I want the World to know the REAL TRUTH about your fake Brady Bunch and the way you cuss at us all and the monsters that you are. I am Free now, but my sisters aren’t!! They don’t deserve to live like this until they are 18!! Why don’t you tell the truth about what you did to us and my mom! You had everything George and you lost it all because you are an evil control freak who beats his kids till we do exactly what he wants us to do. Stay Tuned.
    Posted at 9:53PM on May 23rd 2009 by SL8

    Josh’s letter on the OCR….
    “No Mom I will not take back what i said. As for your retaliation, you think i care what you have to say about me. What could you tell people that you hav’nt told already? fact is your out of ammunition but let me give you a hand.. YES I HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM. That seems to be your overexaggerated concern on TV. So i will side with you on that one. The truth is mom you have been temporarily dumping me in institutions since i was 12. YOU CHOSE TO IGNORE THE PROBLEM NOT ME. Now do us both a favor and move on, I love you and always will. As for withdrawling my statements? KISS MY ASS. everything i said was true. You think i want a pergery lawsuit from you and georges glorious ensemble of attorneys? I mean you told the police last week that i was trying to kill you and burn the house down. Oh the things you could do with legitamite slander! Anyways, as you said to me 5 minutes ago i am dead to you and you have no son. If you ever decided to feel otherwise i’ll be here. Love Josh PS if you think im doing this to make you look bad, your quite mistaken you do that quite well by yourself. My primary concern was liberation from the lies i told the viewers this season regarding my previous “incarceration”. So heres me mom withdrawling my statements. i was not violating probation…it was not a mutual decision for me to go to “boarding school” you wrote a letter to the courts saying you didnt want me anymore. therefore you could date your prince charming. there you are have at him. PSS i have a court copy of your letter….want me to post it on the bravo boards?”

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