Is Vicki Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County?

Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives of Orange County

Bravo Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

 Or is she trying to grab some of the spotlight?

from e! online:

Is The Real Housewives of Orange County on the verge of losing one of its original stars, Vicki Gunvalson?



19 responses to “Is Vicki Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County?

  1. I hope so…. I don’t like her one bit… her husband needs to bitch slap her and send her ass to the curb!

  2. lol she is a controlling women and her poor husband needs to tell her off

  3. I think that Vicki needs to stop being the man in the house and let her husband wear the pants sometimes. She is too controlling and ugly. I hate when she makes that hollowing sound she has no class. I how her kids are tired of her running their lives. She thinks that she should decide who gets to be on the show. I’m glad that Gretchen doesn’t let her run her.

  4. I cannot stand Vicki she needs to leave the show. She is way too controlling and manipulative and arrogant. She needs to leave.

  5. i fucking hate Vickie…SHe is the ugliest bitch ever and she thinks that she is better than everyone else…She is the biggest trash on the show and i have never felt so much hate towards someone that i dont even know. She needs to get off the show because i KNOW she has no fans and everybody hates the crazy bitch!

  6. Vicki is a horrible person. She acts superior to every other person on the show, thinking she knows what to say to everyone and has been in every situation. Who is she to say things to Gretchen about asking for money from her husband–like she would even know. And, in Las Vegas, saying that they should put the past behind them, when it is she who starts all of the problems in the first place. I wouldn’t be upset at all if she was booted from the show; quite the opposite, actually, as it is something to be celebrated. And, quite beside the point, she looks like a fricking who from the Grinch! Adios, Vicki!

  7. everyone else is so jealous of gretchen, lol. especially vicki. she’s a fat pig.

  8. Vicky obviously hates Gretchen because they are both similiar in that they like being the center of attention. So of course at parties Vickey gets all pouty and starts gossiping, Gretchen is stealing her limelight….That’s why she dislikes her. Both type A personalities…But Vickie is passive aggressive. She has some serious issues of always having to be right and then making herself the vicitim if you disagree with her. Let’s see, her usual reply is, WHY ARE YOU BEING SO DIFFICULT, STOP BEING SO DIFFICULT. And she is atrociously ugly. You have to wonder how many affairs she’s had on her travels with work. Look how flirty she was with her friend’s husband when she said her boobs wanted to come out and play.

  9. Vicki is a totally jealous, phony bitch. It’s all about her, she is so back stabbing and judgmental, yuk, can’t stand her.

  10. I agree Vicki is controlling etc but guess she doesn’t want her kids making the same mistakes at her. But all in all she does create drama making the show good to watch.

  11. Vicki is so jealous of Gretchen but there’s no point b/c Gretchen is young and gorgeous. Vicki is one of the ugliest people on tv!! It looks like her lower jaw is trying to hide behind her head. UGH. I have to physically look away half the time when she appears.

  12. I cannot stand Vicki!! This season she is stabbing Jeanna in the back. Well, she already has. Tonight was Jeanna’s last episode & Vicki said awful things about her. What a way to treat your (supposed) friends. Vicki has always put her work ahead of her friends & family. It’s very obvious that buying a yacht & all life’s other materialistic things are more important to Vicki than the people that she supposingly loves. She is a controlling, judgemental bitch!!

  13. PLEASE, just go Vickie. You are an ugly,demanding, self centered,loud,jealous,obnoxious,did I say ugly,oh yea really ugly.bitch that I never want to look at or hear again!

  14. ALL YOU Vicky HATERS Just STFU!!!!! YOU are the ones jealous of her. You’re probably the ones sitting home with NO job and NO money stuffing your faces every minute of the day just WISHING you were in her shoes. At least she’s honest and up front. The rest of those phony bitches make me sick…..especially Alexis and Jim with their hypocrite ways.

    • There is nobody on the face of this planet that could be jealous of that ugly bitch ICKY..she is horrible..ugly, fat and a jealous bitch. Vicky is by far the ugliest housewife of all cities and I really hope that we can watch next season and not have to look at that face… If we were jealous it would be of Gretchen or Tamara..they are beautiful…not that ugly miss piggy..what a discusting human being..not even sure if she is a human being..she is a discuting PIG…with a huge ass.

  15. HappyHumbleBlessed

    i am at home stuffing my face but i have LOTS of money and a beautiful face….what happened to vickies face…
    vickie LOOKS for peoples faults
    THIS IS THE VICKIE PRINCIPLE: ”Oh! I am feeling threatened here…better start criticizing and tearing down the person who is making me feel unsure about my self….”

    It is a good war tactic…attack those you see as more powerful…and this is what Vickie does.
    She does love her children.. You can give her that one.
    She is acting very very fearful of Alexis – this will be a good year….
    She sees that Alexis has the most power

  16. Man…I have to admit… I googled Vicki’s name and ugly in the same sentence because I am watching the show right now and had to see if anyone feels the same level of distaste as i do! I think Vicki’s own insecurity about herself causes her to act obnoxious for attention since she’s not getting it anywhere else…

  17. Her face is all chopped up from facial surgery, there is nothing the poor surgeons can do to make a rodent like face look normal. Because of her insecurities she pushes other peoples buttons on purpose, because she is fat and f-ugly. I hope she trips and falls in public, and lands face first into a curb looks deformed for the rest of her life. Then I hope the media shows absolutley everything in detail.

  18. Bravo in hardtimes you can get someone take icky Vicky’s place. The producers should have told her sit her ass down. Finsh the show or we will fire your ass. Put her in her place.

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