Gretchen and Jeff: What Was Bravo Thinking?



photo from the OC Register


Bravo TV seems to adhere to the philosophy of “let’s throw it on the wall and see what sticks”, as evidenced by the train wrecks Date My Ex , featuring The Real Housewives of Orange County alums Slade Smiley (pictured above) and Jo de la Rosa, or The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  But have they gone too far with the Jeff Beitzel, Gretchen Rossi storyline?



16 responses to “Gretchen and Jeff: What Was Bravo Thinking?

  1. This is so sad. Why are TPTB at Bravo showcasing this man as he dies?

  2. hey hannah, jeff knew what he was signing up for. people at bravo just didnt pick him at random and ambush him.

  3. Oh, I was wondering what his last name was. Shoot, you know how it is. These people make money, and he probably wanted to bring that $ to Gretchen as well as perhaps bring some exposure to her.

  4. What a skank here the guy has cancer and she is off drinking and parting while he is in ICU just the kind of chick I want to marry kick her to the curb there are so many classy ladies on the west coast who would out shine and look so much hotter and yes stay right by your side throught it all!! I know my lady who is nothing but class was there everyday for the whole year of cancer treatment and loves me more today then before the big C it brought us so close nothing will tear it apart. so Dump the Gold digger and get a real woman of Orange county there are lots of great classy ladies there and you need one JEFF

  5. people dont get it when you are the care taker of a dying man its very hard on an every day basis cut Gretchen slack
    she at the time needed to take a break , i know what she is going through my sister went through it and its very hard to watch someone you love every day dying
    his kids came to give her a break and she wasnt out partying she was with her family

  6. Jeff Beitzel died in September, btw.

  7. she is certainly a black widow!

  8. Gretchen needed to get out. When you have a loved one sick especially with cancer, you need to get out before you crumble. Bravo to her friends that tried to make funtime for Gretchen – a good friend knows when you need a break from life.

  9. At least Jeff didn’t marry her before he died!! She probably would have tried to take all of his inheritance. I think he knew what he had and he played her! He placated her with that huge gaudy ring – she’ll have to be happy with that.

    Will they keep her on the show if she really doesn’t have any cash??

  10. Knows the score

    Jeff loved Gretchen — he said so and how grateful he was for all she had done for him. He teared up when he mentioned that no one would believe the things she had seen and done. Caring for a cancer patient is no walk in the park. You could see that when she was learning how to give him his i.v food because he couldn’t eat. She was loyal to stay with him and a gorgeous girl like Gretchen would not need to — she could have her pick of men but she was loyal to Jeff.

    I don’t believe that Jeff would leave Gretchen high and dry. He took care of her somehow, through life insurance or his will. She and his kids were the named survivors in his obituary.

  11. Gretchen is a money grubbing w***e. She even said in the episode were they are getting her ring thst she wasn’t intrested in him but he was just so generous. She had the gall to tell his daughter to get a job and when the daughter said why don’t you get one. She said I have one I take care of your Dad. Dosen;t seem like it when she leaves him in icu

  12. I was all okay with Gretchen for a small bit but now that I find out that Jeff was not happy with her partying and the “DRUGS” that she was doing…

    I am so glad that they were never legally married.
    She is young 30, but even at that age you are considered grown up and should be done with drugs and hard partying altogether. Hopefully he did not leave her with a lot of money to contribute to her addictions and her spending addiction. The show will most likely kick her off now since there is no money for her and the truth is just coming out about the trash drugs.

  13. I think Gretchen is a sweety too. I’ve heard rumors that Jeff actually was a womanizer. It seems like it would be true considering he was on his 5th marriage. I cant help but think, what if Gretchen was dying in the hospital looking all ugly. Would Jeff had been sitting at her bedside taking care of her?? I doubt he would have been there as much as she was for him. He probably would have dropped her like a hot potato and found a new hottie. He was using HER for her looks and youth.
    Tamra is so obviously jealous!! I cant wait to see the reunion show. It appears she’s ruthless to Gretchen on the previews. I sure hope Vicky and Tamra read some of these posts so they can see what people really think about them!!

  14. man if i was dying id want a trophy wife, wouldnt you? f*uck it im dying i might as well have some hot blonde girl hanging off my arm

  15. It is so funny how people can judge…must be jealous…Gretchen and Jeff are the only ones who know what kind of love they had for one another…we were not in there lives and it really upsets me how people judge…..pretty horrible actually….the man dies and so many are selfish…we were not in there lives nor should we judge…give the girl a fricken break…and Vicki grow up….life is not all about you…and how hard you work…poor Don you are a very selfish woman…rather mean actually….or is that an act for the show…the other woman have more to offer than yourself…yes I am judging her…how can you not the way she acts and selfish ways…sorry GROW UP!!

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