Toting Your Republican Gun, Kara?

Real Housewives of Orange County “Real Kid” Kara Keough is backtracking from everything she said about Berkeley on the show this week.



6 responses to “Toting Your Republican Gun, Kara?

  1. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t believe it! Berkeley should kick her out as a terrorist!

  2. Kara has an amazing ass and big ol tits

  3. Kara is wearing thin on the right-wing Republican cliche.

    Geesh, I’m a moderate Republican and frankly don’t know any fellow GOPers like Kara. She’s childish and spits in U.C.Berkley’s face – why go to a college that you despise?

  4. I go to UC Berkley and am dating a fraternity guy here, and for someone who hates the school so much, Kara sure has gotten around Frat Row…she’s slept with several guys IN THE SAME FRAT! She portrays herself to be a total goody goody, but everyone here knows her for being a total slut. She may not drink, but she lets loose in other ways…my boyfriend’s friends call her ‘Kara Key-oh oh oh oh OH!’ because she is notorious for her loud bedroom behavior!!!! Mortifying!

  5. she probably went to berkeley becuase it is a good school but didn’t realize how extremely weird and liberal it was until she got there. they made fun of the out-there tree huggers and homeless people everywhere – and i don’t care what anyone says- report after report shows that the majority of homeless people are addicted drug users-and the extreme liberal mentality of the school. i thought it was funny- she kind of made an ass out of them. as for the stereotypical republican cliches… uh, most republicans believe in the right to bear arms and i think the best thing anyone can do is learn how to use a firearm correctly… and what is up with the term republican moderate? you are either republican or democrat. quit being a scaredy cat and say you are repubican – not a watered down version of a republican so you can make yourself feel like you are open-minded.

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