Real Housewives of Orange County: Vicki the Vicious Viper

vicky2 from “Pretty on the Outside”

Wow! Has Vicki Gunvalson shown her true monstrous, narcissistic nature this season or what?  From the firrst episode this season until this week’s episode, we have seen her


4 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Vicki the Vicious Viper

  1. This show has some wonderful women (Vicki extremely excluded), please do not toy with the viewers that this angry, self absorbed woman that resembles a horse that thinks hanging out with her young adult children ( which seem like great human beings that she just will not let go of and allow them to live their lives) WHAT AN INSECURE B*****!!!!!!!!!
    DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THIS PIECE OF WORK! Lake Havasu is her turf! Really? I don’t see it named after her. Jeana really needs to get away from this CATTY B****. Now, she is trying her very best to recruit a really acttrictive blonde. Not going to mention her name, though she seems quite nice, she really needs to stay away from Vicki. She buys her kids booze so that they will hang out with her at the Lake. And, she couldn’t figure out why they all left her at her lake house? Hmmm. Just like making them going to Mexico? Even Donn has her figured out. That great guy needs to find him aaa great woman. If I hear her say that her “Love Tank is Depleted” one more time, I will vomit. What does she do for this great guy that I will NEVER understand why and how he puts up with her a**. Just to look at her face would make most men run. She thinks that $$$ and things are the most important thing in life. Well, I found it interesting that on Tamra’s 40 BD, she asked to buy her old Rolex and admitted she was jealous that she didn’t have one. Poor Vicki. If you have so much $$$$ buy yourself one. DO you ever wonder why Donn doesn’t buy you one? He can’t stand you, and neither can the majority of the audience. Leave the show. I know many beautifull and very intelligent woman that would love DONN. Also, that rooster call isn’t attractive on a 60 year old bleached blonde. Give it a rest.

  2. I remember last season when Vicki was going on about being a “Christian” and against her daughter potentially having pre-marital sex. Okay…..

    Vicki is a hypocrit. We’re just really seeing it bigtime this season……the “love tank” thang??? Eeew.

    Her hubby Donn, seems like a good man but she ranks on him! And her materialism is so over-the-top.

    With all the dough she spends on material things, she ought to invest in some good skin care – to exfoliate her face that is marked and broken out – acne and rosacea perhaps. HD tv shows it all.

  3. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Vicky what is with that “Yanking” hand motion you do? Really? No Class! Keep it in your bedroom. We know how tired you are when you get home. Gross. Vicky loves to place everyone she meets into her class system. Her & Tamara on top & everyone at the bottom. Seriously Tamara who makes out w/ everyone she meets & Vicky who lets men touch her on so called business trips. Vicky’s Class system seems to be Upside down compared w/ the social norm.

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