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29 responses to “Real Housewives: Spoiler Alert

  1. OMG!!!!!! Tamra is way out of control andso is gretchen. Gretchen just loved the idea of her “fiance” and his money. She said he had a generous heart… I thnk she meant wallet!!!! Tamra needs to stop all of her trash talk, truly the only one on the show that has a sound mine is Jeanna! I am seriously considering not ever viewing the oc housewives again. Lynne’s oldest daughter is a spoiled bitch!!!! she took the white dress right from her younger sisiter because she wanted to have it. This girl is so spoiled that there is truly no help fpr her. Vicki is so in denial of herself and her life, she needs to stop trying to control her life and just live it instead. Even when Jeanna talks smack about someone she says it to their face, she is my favorite.

  2. I would like to say further that Gretchen is a manipulative, sympathy and attention hog. I feel sorry for her that all she cared about was how big her ring was or trying to show jeff how beautiful jewlry was (so he would buy her more). Gretchen is no more than a hooker…. when you use a man for his money in exchange for Sex… that’s a hooker! I really think they spoiled the whole show by allowing such garbage on and taking a decent one off (Lori). Yes, it was Lori’s choice and I commend her for that, all the same Jeanna is the only good one left.

  3. Are you all nuts Gretchen is in love with this guy we do not know how long thay have been together, his kids like her
    who are we to cast a bad light on her,and you say VICK

  4. I love Lauri too, but don’t be too quick to sactify her. She too went after Slade when he and Jo were on a break. She had been waiting in the wings for quite some time for her sugar daddy and she just happened to hit the jackpot with George.

  5. i sooooo agree philly girl. she needs to deal with that heroin head son of hers. all that money and you can’t ship him off to a resort to get cleaned up? pathetic

  6. I love the real housewives of oc. I have watched it from Day 1 and it does keep getting more and more caddy, but isn’t that why we are all so hooked on it? Don’t be too quick to judge Gretchen, she does appear to have sincerely loved her man.

  7. I love the real housewives of oc. I have watched it from Day 1 and it does keep getting more and more caddy, but isn’t that why we are all so hooked on it? Don’t be too quick to judge Gretchen, she does appear to have sincerely loved her man.

  8. I hate the way everyone is being so harsh towards Gretchen. Yes she is young, but she seems to genuinely love Jeff. HE chose the bigger diamond for her ring, not her. And yes, he showered her with extravagant gifts..but did any of you stop to think that maybe it’s because he knew his time was short and he wanted to do all he could to see her happy in the short time he may have left with her?
    I can tell you that if I were rich and terminally ill, I would buy everything that I could for my loved ones to make them happy and try to make up for all the times that the future would have held for giving them gifts. And that includes a boyfriend.
    I have always loved dating older men. It was not for their money (none of them were wealthy except one). I enjoy older men because they are past the stage of game playing. They’re settled in their lives and know what they want (usually).
    Hold your head up high Gretchen and keep smiling. It is infectious…beautiful…makes others smile.

  9. I cannot stand Lynne’s daughter Raquel. She is such a spoiled little bitch. Just because she was a premie when she was born you can see how Lynne just lets her get away with everything. She was pouting because she couldnt have a party at the house, pouting because she wanted a bmw, pouting because she thought her sister looked prettier than her. She needs to be bitch slapped.

  10. I think that Gretchen truly loved her husband and any one who thinks differently should definitely reconsider. Jeff definitely loves her, so all that matters is that she made HIM happy. She has an AMAZING relationship with her step children and if she never loved him she wouldn’t have stayed for so long. Just because they are wealthy doesn’t mean they have bad intentions. They just have something extra in life that they were blessed with.

  11. GRETCHEN is not greedy, manipulative, etc……..

    nancy you are jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. you all know Jeff died right?

  13. Sept. 9th

  14. I love Vicki!!!! She is nuts and it works for her! Jeanna is so awesome too!!! Totally miss Lori 😦 Tamra is good for laughs but sometimes a little over the top. But these 2 new ones. Can’t decide if Gretchen is genuine or not and Lynn… NO! or should I say CUT!

    You know who I really miss on this show besides Lori… Kimberly!!!!

  15. Wow. I just saw a couple of episodes from season 4. I am shocked, disappointed and trying to decide if this show isn’t scripted. The River episode, the episode at the races, and the episode that shows Gretchen very drunk. I just can’t believe that these women would act the way they do. Is it because they are so insecure with themselves that they have to be cruel to the new women? It makes me embarrassed to call myself a middle aged woman. Tjey are acting like High Schoolers…and possibly worse!!!

    I believe Jeanna is the only one that has it together, as Laurie did too. They make you feel that all is not lost.

    I see good in all these women, however they are not focussing on bettering themselves as human beings. they are showing only their uncaring, bitchy side.

    When they were at the races their behavior was totally unacceptable. They were lucky that they were in the first group and did some bonding. Why don’t you all stand in their shoes and see how you feel being shunned and completely ignored. Sad, sad people

    Vicki – please get some help to figure out why you can be so cruel, and plain mean to Donn. You will lose your marriage if you keep that behavior up.

    Remember, you stand out more being someone that steps up for the underdog, you will only makes yourselves look like clowns if this negative behavoir continues, people are already thinking, wow these women, they have so much money – they can buy anything their hearts desire. Image from the beginning that Vicki has a hard time with change. Move out of your dark little world Vick.

    As far as the new girls go, their parents are the ones at fault, you raise your children to be the best they can be, but that does NOT MEAN you have to buy everything they need.

    Everyone take a good look at yourselves in the mirror and wonder where your heart has gone.


  16. I totally agree with the people who think Gretchen is a prostitute. People like honesty, and she was clearly with him for only his money, That is fine, as long as you are semi-honest about it! When she hit on Tamra’s son, the truth came out with a bang. If you really loved a man, and he was dying, that is the last thing you’d do.
    That said, it didn’t make Tamra look good, and Vicki is pretty superficial, but Gretchen is a complete idiot if she thinks no one sees through her. Jeana is the only one coming out smelling like a rose. And though Tamra is a little materialistic, at least she’s married to someone around her age (which is respectable), and isn’t doing someone who looks like Santa Claus for $$$$. Gretchen really sank low, but then, so many women do for money.

  17. From the last episode, it just sums everything up! These girls are all greedy and so into themselves. Are people really that cruel in this world? I can not believe that Tamara’s goal that night was to get Gretchen drunk? What kind of crap is that? That was such a bitch move. It’s so obvious she is so jealous of Gretchen. What kind of T.V. are we all watching? and they put this on T.V. available for kids to watch? What kind of example are they trying to set? Then their kids… OMG! They are all messed up in the head, spoiled little brats… and we’re allowing our kids to think it’s okay to do drugs or drink behind their parents back? I couldn’t believe it when those girls had gotten away with drinking in the bathroom at the bowling alley. Isn’t that under age drinking? Whatever!! I guess that’s O.C. for ya!

  18. Old Jeffrey got something out of having a woman like Gretchen on his arm during his final year of life. Stop hating. If that’s her thing and obviously his…more power to both of them. I hope he set her up in his will too. Jeff would have never gotten an eye-candy woman like Gretchen without the wallet. After all, the name of the show dictates to the acceptable mindset.

  19. Lynn you need to act your age, and you have the worst boob job I have ever seen, and take your own advice and stay out of the sun, you look old and washed out!!!!!

  20. I love the show! I wish I had the money and luxurious life that they all have. I believe they are all genuinely happy and have good husbands. And for the most part the kids are all pretty normal. Raquel seems like she is destined for alcohol problems. I know teenagers like to party, but not like her. They get drunk before they go bowling? Really? Who drove? were they sober? Lynne seriously is not attractive at all. Her skin is nasty. Can you say sun damage? eeks….

  21. All the women have their flaws, that is why we enjoy watching them so much. Gretchen might be a gold-digger, Jeanna might be a doormat for men to walk on, Vicki is money-hungry, Tamra is caught in high school and Lynn is a shitty mom. What do you do? They are a hit show for a reason.

  22. Why were Lynn and her husband serving alcohol to minors. Where I live, that is a criminal offence even if it takes place in your own home. Where are the parents of her friends? I am assuming that they are underage also. Not cute, not funny.

  23. It was hard to watch Jeanas boys this week I wanted to reach in the tv and smack the **** out of them. she should of walked out of the resturant. I would love to write to the boys, what JERKS thats aother great example of what happens when you spoil, trust me I know I have two sons a 23 and 18 yr old. I hope those boys NEVER play pro sports they don’t deserve to be other boys Idols,heros ect. It sounds harsh but if you treat a mother who raised you with no respect you deserves the same NO RESPECT. Jeana was my fav also but to watch her rub on her son and come up with all those excuses a little tough to watch………

  24. Agreed on Jeanna’s boys. They are little assholes! For sure, someone needs to slap some sense into them. Totally disrespectful, at least her daughter is a sweetheart!

  25. HAHA Lynns “cuff love” name is already taken. I saw a pair of furry handcuffs at an adult toy store!

    Gretchen- Gorgeous, attention whore, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
    Vicki- Physco!
    Jeana- get a man already!
    Tamra- I think her and Simon are so right for eachother

    I miss Lori, She totally deserves her hubbie 😀

  26. Tamra showed her true colors! What a bitch! She acts worse then a high schooler. Her hubby is a snub,too. She called Slade a homo LOL her hubby looks more like a homo then slade. How much more work is she going to have done?! She needs to worry more about her kids so they don’t turn out like her son.

    Vicki- Poor Vic can’t handle being the old one has to knock Gretchen every chance she got. Vicki go with Tamra next time and get something done to your face. Your really showing your age. Oh and the way you treat your husband is AWFUL no wonder he doesn’t support you, your such a Bitch!

    I sure hope Jenna finds love! I didn’t care for her much but she has changed my mind over the years. I hope 2009 is better to her. Her kids are horrible. Her daughter what a bitch. She can’t hang at Berkely, so she wants to transfer to UCLA, Perect I can see her there! Not to far from home to mooch of mommy dearest! Ahh too bad Tara needed to get a job over the summer what a spoiled brat!

    It was nice to see Lynne actually love her husband. They should focus more on the kids. They are in denial about their kids. 15 smoking & 18 drinking get some control and get out of denial already… Its been on TV now maybe they’ll believe it!

    Gretchen is adorable. Call her whatever but if Jeff (r.i.p) wants to give her things that’s his choice. Clearly he didn’t love his 5th wife or he wouldn’t have left her for Gretchen. Gretchen is 30 with money and beauty I could see her and Slade hooking up. She fits in as a OC housewife in Coto for sure!

    Slade can’t seem to let Ugly ass Jo go. I wonder why he can’t move on? I knew him (used to work with him) he has changed so much and not in a good way. Slade MOVE on already. Jo is blah! Her haircut is awful! Jo, please stay in LA.

    I wish Lauri the best. Too bad her son is old enough to make his own choices regardless of who he hurts. I’m sure she would pay for him to get help, but if he doesn’t want it then she can’t help him. Better luck on the rest. Hope to see Laurie more.

    When will the next season start? If it’s anything like this last one with Vicki and Tamra acting like stupid bitches then I’m over the fake bitches of OC. By the way would be a better name for the show. All OC housewives aren’t this bad!

  27. The housewives are sooooo cruel. Vicki and Tamra treat Lynne horribly, they should be ashamed of themselves. It is obvious neither of them were raised with any manners. Lynne sometimes doesn’t act like a genius, but she is smart enough to have married and stayed with a successful man and started her own bracelet company. Her main flaw is over indulging her spoiled brat daughters. Her oldest daughter’s behavior makes me cringe. Racquel should either be in college full time or working, nothing less! Vicki is a b——. No wonder Don doesn’t give her any attention, who would want to?? She is jealous and cranky and an overall miserable person.

  28. Nancy,

    Reading your blog makes me LAUGH!! i’m sorry but ALL MARRIED WOMAN ARE HOOKERS. My husband pays my bills and I take care of him, his sexual needs (with pleasure), his household and his children!!

    Sorry, but if a man is paying your bills and you are taking care of his needs your a hooker too!!

  29. I agree with the majority that Gretchen was indeed only really after Jeff for his money. The way she kept ‘dropping herself in it’ and showing her real motives. I dont think she is a particularly nasty person but like many others she took an opportunity when she saw it!
    I can ‘t help thinking that it’s a case of karma. During Jeff’s life i believe he devorced and married about four times breaking a lot of hearts on the way so maybe it is fate that he died with a shallow fiancee rather than a woman he had been married to since a young man who truly loved him.

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