Gretchen Rossi and Ryan….Highly Suspect

The producers of the Orange County Housewives want us to think Gretchen and Ryan “do” something together on the next episode.

More Absurdities: More Gretchen Rossi Haters

Click here for evidence of Ryan’s drug use.


7 responses to “Gretchen Rossi and Ryan….Highly Suspect

  1. shes a good person,she needs to kick ryans mom fake blonde ass

  2. Did anyone else find it really creepy that a seemingly sober Ryan was so aggressively pursuing a drunk Gretchen? Like a date rape or something was about to happen? It was sick

  3. i think he was part of his moms skeem to get her drunk and take advantage of her,i think tamra just jealous of gretchen,cause shes better lookin then her

  4. So, where was the dark side that Tamara was exposing through Gretchen’s drunken nakedness?

    All Gretchen did was show she behaves like any other stupid falling-down-drunk boozer.

    Silly, touchy-feely, obnoxious, whooping and acting out—

    That’s not very “dark”.

  5. Could you guys be bigger losers? Is this your life? If Ryan fucked Gretchen………….so What! Let’s talk about the moral implications of that!!! or NOT!!!

  6. Ryans parents should keep him off their guests.

  7. past posts so right. Tamra is one vindictive jealous bitch who has to get so much surgery just to look like Gretchen’s big toe but unfortunately she will never get to look like Gretchen! She should be ashamed of her son for taking advantage of one of her guests. Obviously she’s never a very good mother either. Didn’t she teach him the importance of being a man (and a gentleman). He obviously can’t get a chick unless she’s under the influence! Wait to go Tamra. You should be so proud of yourself – don’t you have two more kids (that will watch you on re-runs) that you can screw up. Will your spoiled brat daughter become a stripper like you? Pretty sad!

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