Seven Figure Sheree’s Divorce Settlement

Sheree Whitfield

          The Complete     Story


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2 responses to “Seven Figure Sheree’s Divorce Settlement

  1. I am so disapointed at the way all of the adults are talking about this divorce. People please remember that kids are involved and they are the ones who will truly suffer from this and all of the bad rumors and the he say she say. We tend to forget it’s not just about Sheree and this is real life not just a t.v. show. We all should be praying for her because this could be a real tragedy for her kids.

  2. Sheree (Sha-Ree, quit playing) a’int nothing but a gold-digga! She wants more money for herself. Not to get her daughter’s hair fixed or braces for her son. She wants money for status. I’m sorry, but she was only together with Bob 3 of 7 years of the marriage. She got her seven figures. Be careful of what you say on TV, when it’s your husband who is sponsoring your fashion show, with no fashions…How dreadful!!!

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