Tam-RA Blames the Editing



5 responses to “Tam-RA Blames the Editing

  1. Tamra is a maniacal,wanna-be classy,oh so trashy jealous backstabbing trailer park trash bitch. Wake up you look forty something plus twenty.Also I might add the only reason you and Vicki are so jealous of gretchen is becauseshe’s okay with who she is and both of you know that your husbands probably secretly hell maybe even openly lust after her.She’s everthing you both wish you could have once been and everything your husbands wish for…

  2. Ouch Cori. You hit hard. I agree with everything you said though. Tamra is mean and nasty. The photos she’s shown of herself as a younger woman say it all. She was never pretty, or even cute. Today she’s an aging, surgically-created woman with a loser husband who is jealous of Gretchen’s natural beauty.

  3. Agree with everyone Tamra is a viper who is soo jealous of Gretchen it is really sad.I think in the one on one interviews she said Gretchen wanted to be like her and have what she has..What ever,that brown trout needs to wake up and smell the botox.And is it me or does Vicki’s face always look like she is sucking on a lemmon

  4. Cori, I couldn’t have said it better. Tamra’s so pathetic.

  5. Totally agree! Tamra is an attention-whore and I think it drives her nuts that people gravitate towards Gretchen instead of her. That’s why she’s made it her mission this season to tear her down….to eliminate the competition. I also have a big problem with Simon, who called her “Greedy Gretchen” when he hardly even knew her! He’s almost as bad as Tamra & I find him to be repulsive.

    Tamra saying that Gretchen wants to be like her is hysterical! Why on earth would anyone want to be like Tamra? She’s the epitome of sleaze and hoochiness. 🙂
    And, OMG, can someone PLEASE take her shopping somewhere other than the teen department so she can buy some tops that actually fit her?! Her chi-chis are busting out all the time….even when she was visiting her dad. Heelllooooo….it’s more than a little disturbing that she’d dress that way to go see her dad. Weird!!!

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