Shame on Shane


These are the consequences when your mother, an ex-Playboy playmate, signing your family up for a reality TV show:  She may show up at your job in blue-collar Kane County, Illinois with her loudest, most obnoxious friend and a camera crew!



12 responses to “Shame on Shane

  1. I am sorry but Jeanna should never accept that kind of treatment from her sons. I have two sons 21 and 24. They tried a couple of times to disrespect me but i respected them enough to call them on it. i do not want their marriages to fail because they do not know how to treat women. Jeanna is really failing those boys. I know that moms can embarass the boys…..mine have called me on my own incidents but bottom line it doesnt give them the right to say and act like Shane Keogh did. Colton wasnt much better and his path is also sealed. such a disaster for their future. mark my words their wives will be miserable. their future children will have a terrible role model as a father. you can blame Matt and he is partially responsible but being a single mom it was my responsibility to counter any negative male role models in my sons lives with good ones. it was also my responsibilty to teach my sons how to treat women!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeanna come on!!!!!!! Tough love is good for people.

  2. I do believe Shane was very rude and apparently the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Vicki nailed it when she said “It’s what he saw his Dad doing to her all those years. But.. He is his own person and has his own judgement. He does not need to treat his Mother that way just becasue it’s what he saw. He could be like “I cant believe my mother was treated that way”. If I were the new girlfriend I would run for the hills. Shane has no respect for women.

  3. It’s obvious that Shane is distancing himself from his mother so that she doesn’t have a chance to “not love him,” like his father did not love him.

    This behavior is so easy to see through. Shane is disrespecting his mother, as his father always disrespected her, because by doing so, Shane is hoping to get love from is father. In other words, if he acts like his dad, maybe his dad will love him.

    OnceShane’s girlfriend takes over Jeanna’s role and Jeanna is squeezed out by his broken, sad, and shattered pattern, the girlfrfiend will be the “lucky” recepient of Shane’s abuse.

    Shane – give it up, you’re never gonna get your father’s love. He doesn’t love himself. But, you still have a chance to love yourself. And begin to learn to love others. Get some help, man.

    Jeanna, let him go and and start loving yourself. You are a good woman. You have so much to give this world. You’re compassionite, insightful, loving, elegant, and smart.

    I will say, you’re daughter is a dream. I know she must be the absolute diamond in your life.

  4. There is no word to describe Shane’s actions towards his mother other than appalling….utterly one of the saddest scenes….. Jeana’s face was heartbreaking, and Vicki’s was priceless. Nonetheless it was all so sad. That MAN; let’s not forget that’s what he is now, needs some serious psychological help, and his poor girlfriend, if she knows what’s good for her, will run for the hills. Yes, I’m sure his father is much to blame for his attitude towards his mother, but his comments about what his life would be like when she is no longer here borders on psycho. (I’d have more money! Smirk…..creepy)

    I wish Jeana all the luck in the world. Her time’s a comin.


    I want to THROW UP when I hear Shane and Colton speak to their mother!!! You both give Orange County kids a bad name!!!!

    “Spoiled,” by definition alone isn’t justification enough for the absolute mistreatment and utter abuse you subject towards your mother!!!

    You are both complete low life and deserve your reserved place in HELL! I don’t care what words/actions/friends/etc. your mother chooses in life….without HER, you would be even LESS than what you are now! Your father turned his back on you. Of course (!) you find a natural scape goat in the ONE PERSON who would NEVER hurt you! (Your MOM)

    May you enjoy a life time of failure (TENFOLD) for mistreating the one person as altruistic as your MOM!!!!!

    It’s no small wonder you are a sh*tty baseball player Shane

    Someone who has never met you & wouldn’t waste even 50 cents to see you play. (Not that you have enough talent to play for a team that charges!!!! You are a JOKE!!!!! Keep on blaming your Mom for your short comings both athletically and in general life….see how far it gets you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  6. Hey Shane, Do you really not realize that your playing skills (such as they are) are the only thing coaches, managers and owners look at when selecting a player. Do you really think a team management is not going to take into account your rotten, childish, immature attitude and the infantile fits that you throw constantly. Well, you better start thinking about it. Management wants players who play well and stay out of trouble. You are a disaster waiting to happen – wife abuse, uncontrollable rage when things don’t go your way, potential child abuser, drug and especially alcohol abuser. You, buddy, are a mess. Get a shrink and work out these problems before your dreams of pro baseball vanish

  7. Seems like all 3 of Jeana’s kids are spoiled brats. Stop making excuses for them Jeana, you and Matt failed as parents. They are the most annoying kids I have ever seen!

  8. Nancy,
    You hit the nail on the head concerning Shane. A baseball team is making an INVESTMENT in a player…they will not sign a player to a contract if the player has a liability such as poor behavior. But the ironic thing here is that Shane is rated rather poorly by the major league scouts (no hit, fair in the outfield). In fact, for the minor league team he plays for, he was on the bench and just pinch hit when his mom came into town. Additionally, Shane was “courtesy” drafted by the A’s in large part as a courtesy to an A’s employee (his dad!). Shane, start acting like a man because you will never make it to the show. I predict that Shane will be a pool boy for one of the OC housewives…..

  9. I can’t believe how much of an insecure little bastard you really are. I used to think that you were just trying to compete with your family to get a “joke” in. But as we can see with your dad out of the picture, there’s a saying “like father, like son.” How can your girlfriend even allow you to talk to your mother like that. Be careful he might start treating you like that. Actually it’s inevitable. I also don’t think that it’s Jeanna’s fault at all. She can’t help being ganged up on from her ex and sons. I feel sorry for you, it’s not your fault that your sons disrespect you.

  10. What a mess…yes, I do believe that the upbringing has contributed to the problem, but I TELL YOU WHAT, SHANE….(and yes I am yelling)..YOU WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER MOTHER AND THE LONGER YOU GO ON DISRESPECTING HER YOU SHORTEN YOUR OWN MISERABLE LIFE! Check out the bible and you shall see…
    You ought to be embarrassed because of your IMMATURE behavior. If I were in a position to employ you for anything, you would not get the job simply because you need anger control counseling first. ……you will never reach full happiness and success until you address this issue first..You cannot run, you cannot hide…GOD KNOWS..

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