Gretchen Rossi’s “Dark Side”

photo from “The Bonnie Hunt Show”

Conspiracy Theory…or Fact?


7 responses to “Gretchen Rossi’s “Dark Side”

  1. Let’s be real, sisters and wives, lord knows Jeff wasn’t so great himself.

    Apparently, Gretchen, is the such a trashy whore, however, when 5 wives are involved, and 1,3,5 get along or 2, and 3 get along, it’s the same the same damn thing. He left for a reason, such a great guy. all friends…Conspiracy or thought?

    Yes Getchen was the bitch that got through,he knew he was dying, he afforded something personal, it doesn’t have to be right in your eyes, he left it before.

    Claim the love, it’s really sad to see that wife1 or 2 or 3, will gang up on something they feel is deserved, yet Jeff left 5 and a majority knows him well.

    He left wanting trophy, it doesn’t make her wrong. It does make her shady, just as much as you exwives gang up…

  2. Jamey,

    W H A T?????

  3. Yeah, Jamey’s post sounds like he/she was drunk or messed up on drugs!! Nonsensical crap.

    Gretchen – a dark side? Any one who can endure what she had to while the poor man went through hell speaks volumes on her class, dignity and love for him. Please tell me what “dark side” she has.

  4. Gretchen is great and I think Tamara is mad because she looks like a ex pole dancer. Vicki is mad because her husband shows her no love so she is bitter. Jeana has heart and Lynne is just Lynne . Tamara and Vicki should just hang with each other so Tamara can think she is hot and Vicki can think everyone wants to be her.

  5. Gretchen is just a typical gold digger. She never “took care” of Jeff or even visited him in the hospital.

    If you love someone you don’t go on vacations and trips when they are in the hospital or at home sick. Geez – I wouldn’t even leave my pets that way!!

    All Gretchen ever did was get plastered and act cheap, go on vacations, party, get drunk, shop and whine about Jeff being sick. She has even convinced lots of people she’s the victim here. Good gosh, Jeff is the one that lost his fight with cancer and Gretchen has manipulated you people into thinking she’s the victim.

    She’s just a very average looking gold digger with horse teeth – huge teeth with gums showing – and what is up with that Donald Trump hair-do?

  6. Sue Ellen, do you personally know Gretchen and Jeff? If not, then shut the hell up because you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Believe me, the lies that have been posted about Gretchen are so off base it’s almost funny. People have taken a complicated situation and turned it into something scandalous, which it isn’t. Get a life and let other people live theirs, please.

  7. Oh C’mon. They both got what they wanted. He wanted to have a gorgeous and sexy woman to look at and enjoy his final days with. She wanted assurance of insurance. He was willing to spoil the shit out of her no matter what the price was. She was willing to accept it. In return, to prove her concern and eternal devotion to his sizable bank account she became his primary care provider and satisfied him however he needed to be. She took care of him. He took care of her. That was the obvious arrangement. Therefore what we see now is the obvious outcome. Rest in peace Jeff. Continue to live Gretchen.

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