Sheree? Sheree? Anyone?



Now, don’t get us wrong. Sheree Whitfield may be in New York.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week * New York * Fall 2009 Collections * Schedule


4 responses to “Sheree? Sheree? Anyone?

  1. I had so much respect for you and thought that you were by far the most classy of them all until you flipped the script and began your childish antics with NeNe. First of all, you were wrong for not coming out to personally let NeNe know that she was welcome to your party and was left off the list by accident. You are not “all that” to act like you were too good to go outside! Secondly, you were the one who got this whole thing going with Kim and NeNe. Yeah it was Lisa who actually told YOU about the song because YOU was HER friend. You took it to the next level by telling Kim who was NeNe’s friend knowing that it would declare war between them. How petty and immature of you! Lastly, what were you thinking holding a party for your designs with only sketches available! YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST SHOWCASED ONE OF YOUR DESIGNS ON YOURSELF FOR THAT EVENING!! Girlfriend, you are what you call “First Class with no Class! I am so not looking forward to seeing your phony behind next season!

  2. Exactly!! Who have a Launch Party for their Clothing line with no garments to show case!! Big fronter!! However, I am going to stay humble being that I am trying Launch my clothing line as well!! I am sure Sheree have more time on her hands then I do being that I am white collard woman with a job!! I even have most of my stuff together to start my line!! Then again, I’m from the EMPIRE state babe!! Therefore were faster anyway!!

  3. And another thing “SHE”! You are not all that!! You look like a man!! You have a huge nose and you sound just like a man when you speak!! Your daughter needs her hair done!! You need to make sure that your child is just as fly as you are!! No one in New York wears DIOR! We wear timeless Chanel shoes and handbags, birkin bags, Christian Louboutin’s and the list goes on and on!! You and ugly Kim who was a jump off and not even married, wearing those ugly ass DIOR shoes!! Ya’ll make me sick!! You should be a shamed of your self for treating NENE that way!! You man!!

  4. Wow!!! why are people so jealous of Sheree. I look up to her. She was amother at 15 years old and married and ugly football player and had two kids with him. She still is beautiful. Now she is an aspring fashion designer. I am amazed. Nobody in her situation at 15 years old is going to turn out like her so STOP HATIN. She is the bomb and if she looked like a man then why does every housewife admire her except hatin ass Nene leakes.

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