Jen Beitzel at the “Rock of Love Bus” Elimination


All these women look alike. If the Jen original photo is incorrect, my bad.  This is the photo at the elimination ceremony.


11 responses to “Jen Beitzel at the “Rock of Love Bus” Elimination


  2. She is anything but a slut. She is a very nice girl.

  3. My name is John. Brad, that’s a poor choice of words. See you pushed the wrong button, and crossed the wrong line, stepped on the wrong shoe, motherfucker it was mine…

    What do you hope to accomplish with these childish antics? Have your asked yourself if some malicious words are worth rousing up some horrible people?

    Oddly enough, I know who you are. I know retardation runs in your family (i.e. your brother). It is very evident through your actions here…

    I hope I never see you; I don’t want to go to prison.

    But, if I catch your short, “french-fry king” autistic ass out in public, it’s gonna be terrible. I don’t care who’s there. The pope could be there, or your family, or your entire social network…. You will feel a sense of regret for your actions here.

    And when your vision is going in and out and your thoughts begin to disassociate, you might notice a sensation like you’re moving through a tunnel with a light at the end. But do you know what’s behind that tunnel? It’s not God. It’s me. And I’m going to kick your pussy soul all the way back that tunnel until you choke on your own fucked up ribs.

    Now, wake the fuck up.

  4. I swear that set of quote is from Rusko you dick head. Stop writing essay you small dick bitch. lol

  5. well, I’m glad to see the dub community is getting bigger. but before rusko used it as a sound bite, it was definately in a movie.

    and anyways I don’t care anymore. so, have a good one 🙂 I am really happy. I hope your happy too

  6. This girl is a gold digger & a fucking whooore. She’s a stripper, coke whore & all she cares about is sucking dick for coke. LOL whoever ends up with her is gonna wake up with an std & a hangover.

  7. Ohhh Jenny Bietzel,I knew this girl from school & she banged her way through the class. She is practically autistic & with her only skills being makeup, hair & breaking up relationships.

  8. Jenny Bietzel has herpes & all she gave me was an std & a poop stained condom!

  9. Jenny Bietzel is a talentless hack LMAO

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  11. You all are crazy. Jenny is an amazing woman. It’s very obvious none of you know her. She’s been a great friend my entire life. She’s a very loving and kind person.

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