Sour Grapes, Jay?

Jay Photoglou, the “mystery man” in Gretchen Rossi’s life, apparently is broken-hearted and feeling vengeful about Gretchen and her hook-up (unverified) with our very own Slimy Slade






5 responses to “Sour Grapes, Jay?

  1. The most encouraging thing about tonights episode is that there is hope for all of the fat, balding, bad dressed men of America. You too can date Jeana Keough! Next year she should be on desparate housewives.

  2. I was so shocked by Jeana’s date, too! I thought, surely he’s at least going to wear a dinner jacket, but no! Tacky, ugly, unbuttoned plaid shirt and jeans. Goes to show how these people *may* have money, but they definitely *do not* have class.

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  4. What is wrong with you people? That man had more class than any man that has ever been on Housewives, Jeana would be lucky to have such a nice guy. In Texas, millionaires wear jeans to a nice dinner or restaurant, it isn’t about beiing fake, it is about being real. If this is the attitude of fake Californians, I’ll stay in Texas anyday where men are men and gentlemen treat women with kindness and class.

  5. Tamra's Head Is Her Third Boob

    I agree with gina. That’s a nice guy. Jeana is a bummer to be around, so eventually he’ll give up.

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