RHONYs: Go Big or Go Home!

Bring on the drama


The Real Housewives of New York City were barely watchable during their first season..hope it gets better



2 responses to “RHONYs: Go Big or Go Home!

  1. These women in NY are all hideous – ewwweee – so so ugly.

    And the one – Bensimon – that calls herself a model and equestrian? Well I’ve seen this woman ride at horse shows, and we REAL equestrians call that horse abuse.

  2. I love the NY show. Jill is the best of all the wives but I really like all the ladies except for Kelly. She comes across as soooo full of herself and so rude. Why did they add her? If it was to bore the snot out of the audience then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BRAVO.

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