Tamra’s “Homo”-Gate

tamra barneySerious case of foot-in-mouth disease


Seems trashy Tamra has been a very busy girl.  After the homo comment she made about Slade on the Season 4 finale of  The Real  Housewives of Orange County, gay rights activists and bloggers have been tearing her a new one.




4 responses to “Tamra’s “Homo”-Gate

  1. Slade does look like a HOMO. And if homo’s are so proud of being homos, then what’s the problem? All the homos need to quit acting like a bunch of babies.

    I don’t see women calling the civil rights activists because they’re being called bitches and that’s certainly derogatory.

    GROW up

  2. Sue Ellen, go fuck yourself, cunt.

  3. Nick is obviously a homo rotflmao

  4. hey sue ellen,
    women do complain when they get called bitches.
    however, stupid, hateful people just end up dying stupid and hateful, unless they manage to get a modicum of personal insight. which, so far, you seem clearly incapable of. So welcome to your fate.

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