Slade/Gretchen/Jay, The Ménage a Trios’


from the oc register

COSTA MESA – Slade Smiley, who catapulted into stardom on the reality hit “Real Housewives of Orange County,” spoke out for the first time Monday after spending a night in county jail after authorities said he fell behind on child-support payments for his son Grayson, who is battling a rare form of brain cancer.


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2 responses to “Slade/Gretchen/Jay, The Ménage a Trios’

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  2. Jay Photoglou was my gay lover and he has been bragging about conning Gretchen for a year. He was never with Gretchen. She only hung out with him because she thought they where friends. Every body knows how much girls like having a gay buddy they can pal around with.

    He borrowed $18,000 from her because his house was in foreclosure and then refused to pay it back, Every time she asked, he threatening to post lies about her and him on the internet.

    He stole her camera and sold pictures to the National Inquirer, He stole $8000 rims off her Mercedes and He has been trying to Blackmail her for months. He has a record and has multiple restraining orders against him.

    Then to top it all off he started hitting on that guy Slade Smiley, and when Slade turned him down Jay went crazy, the little fag.

    This guy is going down, criminal charges are being filed.

    I have met Gretchen and Jeff and she loved him 1000%. Jay quit pretending your somebody and be honest about your gayness. You will never be a celebrity so just leave the girl alone and pay the money back honey. You look like a total douche bag fag hag.

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