Jay Photoglou, Whimpering Punk

Well boys and girls, it seems the 3 am phone call made to the Barney’s alluded to by some of the writers on this blog  was none other than Jay Photoglou, the erstwhile “Heartbreak Kid”.  Talk about kissing and telling!  He completely outed Gretchen to the Barneys.  Add blackmail when he doesn’t get what he wants.  What a loser!

Gretchen has pretty poor taste in men.  Slimy Slade may just be a step up! 

BTW, Tamra’s selling her old breast implants on eBay.   Beyond Absurd



32 responses to “Jay Photoglou, Whimpering Punk

  1. Let Tamra know what you really think of her!!



  2. Jay Photoglou needs to quit blackmailing Gretchen

  3. I love Tamra – at least she’s honest which is more than you can say for that fakey Gretchen! I never believed for a minute that Gretchen was “in love” with Jeff. Obviously she was just using him for his money.

  4. All the people who have been fooled by Gretchen should check this picture out. Notice she has Jeff’s ring on. This really looks like someone who is greiving.

    Go to thedirty.com

  5. Yes!!! Tamra Barney is proof you can put lipstick on a pig.

  6. Tamra is the best one on there! She’s the only one that tolerable and not weird looking.

    • Tamra is probably more full of Botox, injectible fillers and silicone than Michael Jackson was… please tell her to quit being a deadbeat and pay her bills!

      Seeing how the Barney’s don’t pay their bills it’s no real surprise that she’s raised that deadbeat son who doesn’t want to hold down a job.

      The Barney’s are a bunch of low lifes, all of the etiquette classes in the world couldn’t take the trailer park out of Tamra.

  7. Tamra is a jealous evil cunt. Gretchen is beautiful and young, and Tamra longs for that. Sad, she really is sad that Tamra, and honey if you didnt know, you’re husband takes it up his ass when he’s away on his little “business ventures”.

  8. Well, then I must be bad! I’ve gotten really tipsy after not eating all day and had funny photos taken with my friends. I have given a quick kiss to a long time gay male friend in a pic too- does that make me a gold digger or what ever people are saying?
    Oo I want to be noticed soo badly I am going to look up Tamras phone number on her real estate website and call her up at 1 am. She IS the obvious choice to call since she obviously dislikes Gretchen.
    And – I too sleep in the same house as my ex in a seperate room- I left shoes and sweaters laying about- but that doesn’t mean I do him!
    Realize people, there’s more to meet the eye- and unless you were there- you really don’t know everything!
    Its super fun how the pic of Gretchens arm with the tennis bracelet and engagement ring on her hand has appeared around a few people on the internet. If you are going to photoshop- do a little more disguising people!

  9. Tamra is jealous and my hubby seems to think she wanted to get Gretchen drunk so she could have some lesbian action with her. I think Gretchen is very pretty with a smoking body….and we both think Jeff is no fool. He didnt care if that beauty was using him, she made him feel good – she was his arm candy and he loved it. Tamra is jealous that she is a no class bitch who got lucky when she married Simon. Her rapey eyed son is a loser too and she knows it…in fact, the only ones on there who are smart and rich because of what they have done is Jenna and Vicky aka Droopy dog.

  10. Wow u just let is all out huh ha. I had a good laugh reading this one. Thanks and keep up with the great content.

  11. Tamra acted horrible and regardless of whatever relationship gretchen had with Jeff when did it become Tamra’s business she is so jealous of Gretchen she cant even hide it, last night on the reunion show she once again acted deplorable and tried to embarress Tamra but in turn it backfired on Tamra again and she came out looking like a fool i think the way Tamra and Vicky Treated both Gretchen and Lynne was deplorable and i think they are disgusting people

  12. revised i made a mistake in my post
    Tamra acted horrible and regardless of whatever relationship gretchen had with Jeff when did it become Tamra’s business she is so jealous of Gretchen she cant even hide it, last night on the reunion show she once again acted deplorable and tried to embarress Gretchen but in turn it backfired on Tamra again and she came out looking like a fool i think the way Tamra and Vicky Treated both Gretchen and Lynne was deplorable and i think they are disgusting people

  13. Jay Photoglou is a big loser. Tamra is nothing but trash. The only people agreeing with her are uneducated trashies like her. People who cannot keep secrets and are always out there to ge their neighbors, they even call cops on their own children. What do you expect?

  14. I support Gretchen. Jeff was a grown man and did what he wanted! He was not forced to be with Gretchen, it was his CHOICE. You may not agree with me, and that’s great, It is what makes these blogs so damn interesting!

    By the way, this not their first time on TV (hmmm)… Check this link out


    It’s some show called Get Out, Way Out on HGTV

  15. Are you people serious? Why all of the bullshit about Tamra being jealous of Gretchen? For what? First of all Tamra is in a loving relationship with her husband-Gretchen was blowing some old fart for money. Tamra is a beautiful gal-Gretchen has a cute figure but something about her mouth makes me sick..she has that slutty cheerleader face on her. Tamra lives in a beautiful home with her children and doesn’t have to work-Gretchen will have to look for her next sugar daddy to get by or she will lose that crappy condo she lives in. Gretchen is a whore. Who in their right fucking mind would be bragging about a bigger diamond she just got to the children of a dying man? Bet they really respected her. What a fake ass bitch! I really hope that her being humiliated on national TV keeps her from coming back for the next season. Go Tamra!

  16. I wouldn’t want to hang out with Gretchen; her lifestyle doesn’t seem to be one that I would want. Her morals seem to be lacking.
    That said: who the *uck is Tamra to “expose” or call Gretchen out on anything? First of all, why is it nessesary? What did Gretchen do to Tamra that would make her so vindictive? What did Gretchen do TO Tamra to deserve such vicious nastiness??

    Secondly, does anyone think for one second that Tamra doesn’t have quite a few skeletons in her closet? I don’t think anyone was planning to nominate her for sainthood. People in glass houses, yadayadayada…..

    Tamra is a low class, over the hill, NOT hot b*tch. Her BFF Vicky is a mental case, and I don’t know how anyone can stand to be in her vacinity for mor ethan 5 minutes. They deserve each other.

  17. I totally disagree. I think that Tamra outed Gretchen because she was sick of all of the backlash for her obvious disgust over the fact that Gretchen was portraying herself as the victim of a dying man when in reality she was seeing other men. I think the fact that Gretchen allowed herself to be seen by millions on television every week in a “reality” series is permission to air her dirty laundry by Tamra or anybody else. Why is Gretchen always a victim? Why doesn’t she take responsibility for her own actions? I guess this “stalker” threw himself on her in the same manner that Tamra’s son did eh? We saw it…get real she was loving it. Why does everyone have her back? If she were dating your dying dad or brother or son I bet you wouldn’t be so quick to come to her defense. Either that are your morals are as nonexistent as hers are.

  18. Whoa, jump back on the attack on my morals (if indeed you were refering to my post. My apologies if you just meant that comment in general).

    I said at the begining of my post that I wouldn’t want to be friends with Gretchen, as her values are not the same as mine. I am not defending her – she may be a complete wh*re for all I know, and I don’t really care. My point was that by attacking her in a vicious manner like Tamra did, SHE comes across looking much worse than Gretchen, thus kind of defeating the purpose.

    Further, I haven’t heard of any interviews or articles in which any of Jeff’s three kids attack Gretchen at all, let alone as viciously as Tamra has. I guess that proves that either they A) have no issue with Gretchen or B) do have an issue, but have waaaaay more class than Tamra and choose not to make a public spectacle of the situation.

    My point is: why is it up to Tamra to point out any of Gretchen’s flaws? Is she a paragon of virture? If she really believes that a person should portray themselves 100%, COMPLETELY honestly on this “reality” show, then let’s hear the FULL reality of HER life: what’s the real reason that Simon left a high paying job to sell…. tequila???? Or why is her house for sale? Are they in financial straights like much of So. CA? Why did her son spend many of his younger years being raised by her parents instead of her, his mother? Why does she feel that it is perfectly ok to get VERY drunk at home, at the lake, at poolside with a pool full of kids, and who knows where else with her young children right there watching. Or, since she promoted herself as a top notch real estate agent last year, let’s hear how many homes she has sold?

    As far as Gretchen always being the victim, Tamra played the part quite a bit herself this season. She cried over everything from her son’s nugget tattoo, to her mom and dad’s divorce, which was what, about 25 years ago? She played the victim at the lake when, poor thing, she was stuck between a fueding Jeana and Vicky and trying ever so hard to keep the peace (when in reality she was fueling the fire, egging Vicky on and enjoying the drama). She was the victim again when that meanie Gretchen stole all the pink hats, and again when that same evil b*tch wanted ..gasp.. a PINK motorcycle, when we all KNOW that Tamra is the only person who ever thought to desire one of those!

    The fact is everyone, and the women on this show in particular, has flaws and secrets. If Gretchen was portrayed on the show as being out to get Tamra, and to make her look bad or embarrass her, Tamra would be perefctly within bounds to retaliate. But I do not see how any of Gretchen’s actions (whatever they were and however immoral) were cruel or vindictive to Tamra or even had anything at all to do with her.

    You can like Tamra all you want, that’s your perogative and really who cares in the end which one of these “ladies” is right and which is wrong? These woman are all a little f*cked in the head to be on this show at all imo. But if you can’t post your opinion without resorting to insulting other posters, maybe you should just refrain; it’s really not becoming.

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  20. Tamra has MUCH to be jealous about, let’s see….

    Tamra is:

    *She is flat broke (county records don’t lie)
    *Her husband hits on every woman in town
    *Her children don’t know her because her babysitters raise them
    *Her son is an uneducated loser (just like her)
    *She is fugly, old, wrinkly, freckly with gross boobs
    *She has lied from day one about having money and now her lies are out there for everyone to laugh at

    Gretchen is smokin hot, has her own money and her home is in HER name. She can have any man she wants. She is drop dead gorgeous and has a funny, interesting personality.

    There are too many reasons for Tamra to be jealous of Gretchen, but not one good reason for Tamra to be the evil troll that she is.

  21. Wow Kelly you sure know a lot about Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi! You must be the ugly ass neighbor that they didn’t want on the show!

  22. The picture of Gretchen and Jay raises the question as who was also there to take that picture. That shows that they were not alone. It is probably at a party and they are drunk and joking around with an old friend. But it was absolutely not Tamra’s business as who Gretchen sleeps with. Did Tamra think that she was in a court of law and she is under oath to tell everything she knows? In a real court of law, you cannot be punished for sleeping around, but there are consequenses for making a person drunk intentionally. Tamra was the hostess and should have been in control of her guests. I have a message for Tamra, there is a code of ethics between friends, “keeping secret”. Gretchen was never your enemy and she trusted you with whatever she was doing. You were just threatened by her and may be you felt that your husband finds her attractive too. Also I did not like what Jeana told other girls about Jay’s clothes being all over the bedroom floor. She is another back stabber Gretchen needs to watch for.

  23. Tamra,
    Didn’t your Mama teach you when you have nothing nice to say about someone, don’t say anything? Did you make an ass of yourself when you started to be nasty or not? And didn’t you look so pathetic? Now, should we feel sorry for you or hand you an oscar?

  24. A Very Reliable Source


    • Let’s hope the manager is holding her job, she may be going back to the pole since she’s not paying her mortgage or car loan among other bills.

      Has Simon returned the borrowed Rolex and diamond bracelet to the jeweler yet?

  25. This is funny……info. on Tamra Barney’s soon to be foreclosed house.


  26. Her house isn’t in foreclosure. She’s selling it to move to a place with more security, which makes sense because she’s on a TV show.

  27. Um more security? She never could afford her house to begin with, her home is now in a “short sale” aka FORECLOSURE.

    And if that wasn’t enough they have civil credit collections problems too.

    Case No. Case Title Case Type Filing Date Category

    This woman has lied from day one about having money, she NEVER had money to begin with. Her whole life is one big fat lie.

    Gretchen is hot, young with money and everything going for her. Tamra is a broke, used up whore and no man would want her old, leathery, wrinkly nasty self. She is stuck with her ugly, broke, beat loser husband.

  28. Tamra is a middle aged HAG who has raised a deadbeat loser who won’t hold down a job. The kid is on probation for the next three years and has no drivers license. Check the records……….Ryan Michael Vieth, there is a very long list.

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