What’s Jay Photoglou Up to Now?

Hell Hath No Fury…….



5 responses to “What’s Jay Photoglou Up to Now?

  1. He is the biggest jerk and loser

  2. Jay is only setting the record straight, nothing more. I’ve known him for more than a few years and always known him to be a stand up guy, not what Gretchen is portraying him to be. Ask her why she has that tattoo “Jay” on HER ring finger under the rock she wears?
    Remember people, she is the one on a reality show and since it is all about ratings, they can be less than 100% truthful for the entertainment value. Too bad it has to bring innocent people into the drama of it all.

  3. I’ve seen the tattoo on her ring finger in person and it says “Jeffrey.” It’s a pretty big ring so it covers most of the tattoo except for the big “J” in Jeffrey’s name. It DOES NOT say “Jay”

  4. i heard he was gay, stole money from her as well as the rims off her mercedes?? sounds like a real stand up guy

  5. I’ve known Jay since his days @ Foothill. He was a weirdo loser back then, and he clearly hasn’t changed one bit. I don’t believe a word he says.

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