Jay Photoglou: Extending His 5 Minutes

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Sorry guys. I mentioned the 911 tape would be out this morning and that can’t happened yet.



2 responses to “Jay Photoglou: Extending His 5 Minutes

  1. If you want to know Jay why your outrage over Gretchen is not catching on it’s because you are so nasty (“I banged Gretchen” headline) and so focused on covering her with your dirt. You remind me of a couple of my stalker (yes, STALKER) ex-boyfriends who told me if i dumped them they would destroy me. I mean what boyfriend calls their girlfriends enemy at 3 am in the morning…you were already plotting…God your a bastard! Honestly, that’s why no one is sharing your outrage, because you suck.

    Tamra, you started out last year as goofy, fun, and sexy and totally trashed your reputation with your obsession on “getting Gretchen.” It got so i couldn’t even watch you when you came on the tv, i couldn’t believe what you were doing to yourself…at the reunion you looked SO ANGRY…why? You had so much going for you, your kids, mom, reunion with your dad, so many things that would have made your “storyline” fun to watch, back your backstabbing and behavior with Vicki was uncomfortable. Totally unwatchable.

    As for Slade Smiley, the whole thing with his kid is so sad, i’m not gonna take a stab at him. Honestly, with everything going on in his life he could very well be staying at Gretchens because he doesn’t have any money, or any place to stay.

    As for Gretchen, i have no doubt that she loved Jeff. As for being “in love” with him, probably not. She was there for him at the end, and that was probably the most important thing.

  2. I met Gretchen at a bit go-fast boating function that I shoot/film for (we work with a great crew of people) called “The Desert Storm Charity Poker Run and Shootout Event”, where money is raised for troops and other charities. I met her through Jay and his crew of boating friends. Although I don’t know Jay, his friends, or even Gretchen very well, (I’m just a photographer, so I’m not involved in any drama, good or bad), I do have to say this about Gretchen:

    She is one of the most beautiful (if not THE most beautiful) girls that I took a photo of (it was just a casual photo, not a professional photo shoot). She was so nice to me and very pleasant to talk to. I wish her very much luck on the show and the very best in her future. She has a very friendly and positive, somewhat bubbly personality, but she does not act like a bimbo and she strikes me as intelligent. So I hope she really succeeds and maybe someday she will remember me and I can do a photo shoot with her. That would be so cool. Best of luck to you Gretchen!!! I’m happy to have met you last year!


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