The OC Housewives Never Go Away

Who has time to think about the RHONYs or the ATLs?    The RHOOC’s provide 24/7/365 drama!

Dear Tamra, Your Two Cents Is Required

Gretchen and Jay



8 responses to “The OC Housewives Never Go Away

  1. I am so glad that the truth is finally coming out about Jay and what a psycho stalker he really is.

    He is flat broke and desperately trying to blackmail her with any fabricated lie he can come up with.

    I am so glad she got a restraining order against that scumbag.

    Go Gretchen…….you are the best girl!!!!

  2. I have known Jay for many years. He’s a real, decent guy who gut suckered by her beauty. They have been together for a long time. I called him 1 1/2 months ago and she was with him. Any time you talked with him on the phone she would talk real loud to let you know she was there. She used to get so jealous! I’ve never been interested in him in that way. I’ve known him for 15 years and my best- friend and I told him we had to stop being friends with him because we were disgusted with the type of woman she was. I was disgusted by her before the show ever aired. When it did I realized why he was so hooked. She can have a charming personality when she wants to. She is pretty, but I know to much about her to think that any more.
    Jay is a very wealthy man. She is not stupid with who she gets involved with. Jeff set up an account for her, and she was paid to take care of him.

    Think what you will. Those of us who know the truth know everyone involved is wrong. Their consience!

  3. Speaking as a Coto de Caza resident I really don’t believe either side. Most of the people around here hate them as they are the “nouveau riche” stereotype. Do you ever wonder why you almost never see any neighbors? Yeah I realize how that sounds coming from someone who lives in Coto de Caza themselves. Anyway, these women are pretty much drunk 24/7, especially Vicki — she’s a blackout drunk, and will sleep with anything that resembles a man.

    They should be held up as examples of how not to act when you get rich.

  4. Tamra I know you are a little slow so I will type in bold print.


    No one wants to be broke like you, have a cheating husband, too many kids, a creepy date raping son, no education, cheap clothes, no real bling and no job.

    Homeless people have more than you do honey. Denial is not a river in egypt. Get a job at Walmart, oops no even they wouldn’t hire you.

  5. Jay is flat broke (like Tamra) and desperate. He also has a criminal record (just look it up, county records don’t lie).

    He owes her $18,000 which he has yet to pay back. he stole expensive rims off her mercedes. He never was wealthy, just a parasite trying to suck what he can from anyone with money.

    He has been lying and conning Gretchen, he is a complete scumbag.

    I am so glad the truth is coming out about what a criminal he really is.

  6. Who is this idiot Jerusha? Jay is a wealthy man? What a fucking Joke. Is that why is home was repossed, his boat repossed, why he had to borrow $18,000 from Gretchen? Oh yeah he stole that money and never paid it back. Now he steals her camera, photos, sells his story to the National Enquirer for $7K and is posting shit like “I banged Gretchen Rossi?” He wishes! He leaks new photo’s every week trying so desperately to keep himself in the press. He is a piece of shit and a fucking con man. Your stupid if you think he wouldn’t do the same thing to you to get ahead, but I assume you have nothing he would want which is why trailer trash sticks together. You can both sit around and dream about how you can cheat and steal the shit from other that your not smart enough to earn on your own.

    You and every person he is friends with are a joke.

  7. I totally believe Jay is dragging this out soooo long. Making every little dime he can off of it. Is that what a wealthy man does “Jerusha”? People who have money don’t do trivial, rag mag interviews. And the Enquirer is super reliable isn’t it? Aliens landed in LA, did you hear?

  8. I am sure Gretchen could have been a little better at handling her healing process and maybe toned things down a notch…but I don’t think that Tamra has any room to talk!

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