Gretchen and Slade at the Lakers Game


Source: Reality Tea

     Looking like a couple.  Hey Slade, did you pay up on child support yet?


3 responses to “Gretchen and Slade at the Lakers Game

  1. Watching you makes me really sad. my dad has cancer and I really felt for you, I really saw that cared bout people going through this but,you gave me hope. my dad has been sick for a year with cancer and a yearbefore my mom–whose 53 was diagnosed with alzheimers… I know that you are in a position to help people who are less fortunate than you..I’m not asking for anything, I just love my parents ao much and I dont think its fair. please help us if you can.

  2. Ooh Anonymous Gretchen is not going to help you, Damn I wish I had extra cash because I sure would. Gretchen is all for Gretchen…She claimed she did not get MILLIONS from Jeff’s estate, well she didn’t…she received a MILLION–NO S. And sooooo sorry to hear of your misfortune, But Gretchen is not the type of reality persona to help someone like you. You should seek help from cancer programs there are many out there. And Gretchen is just your average D*CK Trap and Slimy Slade is a MITCH=Male Biotch. Those two make the PERFECT Reality pair.

  3. Gold Digger Gretchen

    Gretchen Is a Gold Digger and Uses Old Men With Money for her Finacial Gain. She Does not care about anyone but herself and shows no support for a man who feed and Gave her money while he was diying. Karma Will Kill Her and if not she will be punished by the ultimate judge who will see us all in the end. She Should hide and not show her nasty gold digging face ever again. And like above said she is a D**K Trap and does this like a pro. What a Joke she is nasty looking anyway why do these rich dudes waste the money on her. SICK

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