6th Housewife Dwight Eubanks Throws a Party




According to a source exclusive to absurdtosublime,  Nene and Gregg quietly divorced during the off-season.  This is not verified.  Season 2 is currently filming. Watch What Happens

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from MediaTakeOut…..

“March 17, 2009. MediaTakeOut.com just caught wind of an EXPLOSIVE piece of news. We spoke to a person close to the filming of the Bravo show the Real Housewives Of Atlanta and they claims that a FIST FIGHT broke out on the set.
Well – it wasn’t actually a fist fight. Sheree just GOT PUNCHED!!!
According to MediaTakeOut.com’s snitch, Sheree was upset that an Atlanta promoter named Tony Shorter was publicizing an event using her name – which she claimed, she never authorized. The confrontation started off civil then –all of a sudden – things went left. The insider explains, “[Tony] called Sheree a broke b*tch and Sheree [retaliated by] calling him a [DERROGATORY WORD FOR A GAY PERSON].”
And that’s where the details get a little fuzzy. According to our snitch, a split second after Sheree said those fateful words – a fist came out of nowhere and allegedly punched Sheree in her arm – HARD! The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “I can’t say who did what to whom, but Sheree was hurt … I think she’s going to try and sue someone and get some money.”


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