Train Wreck Tamra: Most Hated





The poll results:

tamra barney:        52%

vicki gunvalson      24%

gretchen rossi        17%

lynne curtin             2%

lauri waring             1%  (left the show early in the season)

jeana keough           1%






8 responses to “Train Wreck Tamra: Most Hated

  1. Duh…of course she’s the most hated. Can you spell BACKSTABBER? Soo envious of Gretchen, its pathetic, really!

  2. Tamra should not be on this show at all. And Vicki is not fun either. Those women are nothing but vulgar, classless pieces of trash. Especially Tamra…who is she to judge anyone, being the lowlife she is!! She was a “Stripper” in the past so….lets not throw stones in glass houses. Tamra is a psycho, jealous, obsessed nugget.

  3. Tamra is one jealous & vindictive woman and every word out of her mouth about Gretchen is obviously GREEN with ENVY.
    I used to think Tamra was attractive but now she is as unattractive on the outside as she is on the inside. If I were her husband I hope he ha a prenup – because he is going to want Gretchen soon! I don’t think Tamra should get anymore BOTOX. Tamra you should get over it or better yet, please get OFF the show and I beg you to take Vicki with you.

  4. Vicki really needs to go..shes embarrasing to her kids and hateful to her husband. She is just disgusting. And dont you actually have to be married to BE a housewife? I loved when Tamara busted gretchen on the reunion…first jay is a stalker then hes a family friend..can we say deer in the

  5. You are missing the point Audra, Tamra had no right to tell any of us Gretchens personal business, besides what was shown to us on the show. All of those people have private lives outside the show that we know nothing of. Tamra is just so obsessively jealous of Gretchen that her whole focus was to take her out any way she could. We all now know that Tamra used to be a stripper, thanks to all the “fan” mail she gets. You see, bad things come to bad people. Notice that Gretchen is invited to promote and appear at many events. Tamra shamra…..

  6. Tamra and Gretchen are both dumb blonde whores. Tamra’s new house looks like shit. I doubt either of these two idiots will write a book because they probably have never read one, including Green Eggs & Ham. Stupid bitches. Faike and superficial. Tacky!

  7. Who in their right mind would give Tamra a book deal? Is someone else gonna write it? lol Her life seems boring and phony anyways. Not gonna pay to read about it!!! LOL

  8. I am not surprised she is disliked. Woman has serious issues. How can one clean anothers house when your house is freaking upside down? lol. Take care of your hubby Simon who is flirting with all your neighbors. Make sure no more beer bong parties in front of your little children. Stop grabbing packages in public it is unladylike and not classy as you say you Talk to your son who has no clue what life is about. We dont know if Jeff, when he found out he had cancer made some type of arrangement with Gretchen. Make me happy and do I have heard of such The show is for entertainment purposes and people take these ethically challenged women way to seriously. I could care less what she did or did not do. I care that the show was much more fun when Gretchen joined. I am glad she will be back again cause without her that show would be gone next season. I am digging the Jersey gangsta Not surprised Tamara is disliked. lmao.

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