Real Housewives: All Kinds of Crazy

In a nutshell with a bunch of nuts:


Bethenny Frankel may be the winner when it comes to the best famewhore war, but she also wins as the biggest bitch. Sneaky and acidic, Bethenny has something to say about everything and everyone, disguised in little witticisms. On her Bravo blog, or, as I call it, Disclaimer Central, she pretends to like Jill’s apartment.  Bethenny, we all know Liberace is dead.



One response to “Real Housewives: All Kinds of Crazy

  1. Personally, I really like the “Housewives of New Jersey” much more than “Housewives of NYC” because the housewives talk about much more than money and bling all the time. Hearing about someone else’s money is boring, but watching wealthy families interact and discuss real life topics is fun and interesting. The women are much prettier and have the right amount of bitchiness.

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