Real D-List Housewives on A-List Awards

Possible Spoilers

b78482697z120090406134700000g0rhaerl1_lg George and Lauri Waring Peterson at the A-List Awards.

The seven “snotty nosed, broken boned, broken hearted kids” were not in sight

jeana_medium Jeana Keough

Delusional Jeana Keough stated the other housewives “bowed” to the OC Housewives and stepped out of their way. Imagine Sheree Whitfield, Nene Leakes , Bethenny Frankel or even Kim Zolciak bowing and stepping out of the way?



2 responses to “Real D-List Housewives on A-List Awards

  1. Jeanna…so full of it!! Not to be trusted, again she’ll stab ya in the back when you aren’t looking, then smile at ya when you are!!

  2. Tamra is a train wreck!! And she’s 44. Didn’t “turn” 40 last season as they tried to portray. Come on Bravo….we know you know her age!! Nice dress,,,is it 1988? And her hair looks like a wig sitting on top of her head.

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