Bethenny Frankel: Spirited or Just Mean Spirited?

In Tamra’s Bravo blog, she gives much love to Bethenny, and apparently it’s mutual.



4 responses to “Bethenny Frankel: Spirited or Just Mean Spirited?

  1. OMG..I’m gonna throw up. Of course Tamras gonna try to cling on to anyone she can, with all the negative press she gets….negative blog comments, noone seems to care for the “truth teller” pffft. I really don’t even want to see her on the show anymore. It seems there’s always some underlying “plan” with her, just waiting to throw someone under the bus!! And Vicki….perfect choice for a pal for Tamra eh? Two jealous peas in a pod.

  2. Just finished watching “Real…of New York” and as usual, Kelly showed her arrogance by not showing up at her own party! When she finally arrived hours late, SHE dared to take offense because hardly anyone was still there awaiting their QUEEN OF MEAN. She is neither alluring, sexy nor beautiful n’ has horrible skin. Interesting that she’s the very opposite of what SHE professes to be!
    Bethenny, ON THE OTHER HAND is witty, clever and a breath of fresh air. SHE’S very cute, has a great figure and is never at a loss for words. Who would YOU rather have lunch with?

    Bethenny is the real deal!
    KELLY is totally fake…

  3. Tamra….good job raising your son know you two are all over thedirty leaving your trailer trash comments bashing Gretchen. Ryan is even proud to be there, even stating that hes friends with Jay and more pics will be posted if anyone says anything bad about him or his mother……such a douchebag. “Blackmailing bloggers?”pffft Tamra…you have zero class, your son proves how trashy your family is, people don’t like you for a reason. Why don’t you do something good for others….maybe…raise money for a cure?

  4. Bettheny’s issues are demons of rejection, thereby her biting comments to everyone but her own issues, she doesn’t need therapy, she needs deliverance

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