Gretchen Rossi Scores Season 5


dirty_php2pgm0e                  Gretchen and Slade at the Lakers Game

The controversial Gretchen Rossi has just signed on for the fifth season of “The Real  Housewives of Orange County”. 



4 responses to “Gretchen Rossi Scores Season 5

  1. Right on Gretchen. I’m so sorry about all the bs Jay put her through. I had her back though on that “website”. If only we could get rid of baldylocks(Tamra), she’s just a Debbie Downer. lol TEAM GRETCHEN

  2. T-Dog you looking thru your beer goggles? Tamra hoe is far from hot. The Lipo didn’t work, for her or Simon. Her kid is a tool, what hell are you talking about. have you seen that trailer trash tramp up close. It isn’t pretty

  3. LOL…T-Dog sounds way too badass of a name to watch RHOC.. HAHA and yeah…fogged up beer goggles at that. Oh..and T-Dog…they have HDTV now. Although I wouldn’t recommend looking too closely at Tamras face.

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