Tommy Manzo: Last Year’s Versace?

Albert "Tiny" Manzo’s Legacy 



Why is he AWOL on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?  Not part of the picture at the introduction. Dina Manzo, his sister-in –law /wife, says he’s always working. 



2 responses to “Tommy Manzo: Last Year’s Versace?

  1. So u bitches got some shite n ur closet to!!! And u miss wit whore ass d.but u no loge fuck up like that ! Haha

  2. Nicole Lessley

    Actually if you are a fan of the show you would know that Tommy Manzo wanted no part of TRHNJ. Now because of past personal issues with the family and Danielle Staub whom is no lnger on the show, Dina Manzo and her daughter went off of Housewives. It has nothing to do with skeletons in the closet, and next time before you post check your spelling and your grammar. Talk about peices of garbage Denise, someone should drop your ass of at the Stanten Island dump!

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