OC Shocker: Jeana Keough Not Returning



While the new season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County is scheduled to begin filming next week, one familiar housewife that won’t be returning is original cast member, Jeana Keough. The decision to not have Jeana return seemed to be that of Bravo, and not Jeana.



13 responses to “OC Shocker: Jeana Keough Not Returning

  1. Too bad for Jeanna. She was a media whore and a Playboy
    whore in her past life. This women is common eneducated trailor trash and her kids are a mess! Good for Bravo!

  2. Totally agree! Jeanna should have been ashamed of herself posing for naked pictures and then having to deal with her kids seeing them as they got older. She really has nothing to be proud of. Jeanna’s kids are a mess, she is uneducated and totally tacky. You can tell she comes from a low class family every time she opens her mouth. Its funny how wonderful she thinks she is but shes not!

  3. Anne Whitmore

    Jeanna Keough would never make it anywhere but maybe in the Playboy Orange County world she thinks she wonderful. She is really a low class person who is a mess. Her one gain to fame thing is taking her clothes off and spreading her legs! Wow- now thats classy!

  4. If I were one of her kids I would be totally ashamed of her! I would be so embarrassed to be at school and see someone with one of her naked pictures!

  5. So true! Jeanna is so low class along with Vicky, Tamara and Laurie. Maybe in the world of Playboy and Southern California, they think they are someone. What do these ladies have, nothing really. None of them are educated and they are whores really, plain and simple! They’re kids are disgusting for the most part. No manners and no goals, wow! AND THEY CALL THEM THEMSELVES CLASSY. cOMMON SLUTS REALLY!

  6. Good to see Jeanna go! She so tacky and low class. No redeeming qualities. The best she did was spread her legs and whore herself out! Poor sad fat woman! Bye Jeanna!

  7. Wow what a jealous bunch of posts….Jeanna is fabulous and although she had posed in playboy is currently very successful in the real estate market. She also is the breadwinner in her family and not only supports her children but her estranged husband. You all need to stop drinking the haterade and grow up.

  8. I’m sad to see Jeana go! She was cool and I loved her home! She was also a bit more level headed than the others. As for those previous posters spewing out the “whore’ word, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You don’t even know the woman!!

  9. If Jeana is not coming back, Im not either. She was the only one that did seem to have a slight amount of common sense. The other ones are whacked out,conceited media whores. They are boring.

  10. bring Jeana back

  11. Jay Photoglou

    Maybe part of the reason Jeana is not returning is in this email. Email was written the day of taping the reunion show for Housewives of Orange County

    On Jan 31, 2009, at 11:14 PM, “Jeana Keough”

    > Oh (NAME REMOVED), you are wrong this is bullshit, she never called you a
    > stalker.
    > She knows you love her and you were right that Bravo was going to
    > set us up,
    > look what they did to (NAME REMOVED). You and (NAME REMOVED) are in a good place
    > don’t let
    > this bullshit wreck your night, she loves you all of us wanted to
    > share our
    > beautiful rooms with the men in our lives (NAME REMOVED) was the only one
    > with balls
    > enough not to listen, but not enough balls to tell us. She hates
    > being away
    > even one night from you, but Bravo was so adamant. She did what we
    > all
    > should have done, which is let our men come and go hang out and
    > gamble and
    > hook up later, you were right, we all had relationships and why
    > would we go
    > to Vegas with out the men in our lives. It isn’t our real reality-
    > love you
    > be nice to our girlfriend she had a rough day, because of this and
    > shit. (NAME REMOVED) and (NAME REMOVED) enough already we are the biggest show on
    > Bravo,
    > we need to get along stick together and make 300-500,000 next year-I
    > think
    > they want this division to divide and conquer.

  12. Jeana is the only one who seems to be real in this show. I am sorry she won’t be back!

  13. Shane is so mean to his mom…i remember at game he yells at her…and at dinner table.Shame on you shane

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