Danielle Staub: Who Busted Her?


Beverly Merrill,aka Danielle Staub, stated in the last episode that “only one person knew about the book”.  The publication has been out of print for many years.


Gerald Staub, the current ex, attempting to get out of paying the divorce settlement.

Bravo TV Production…what a ratings booster!

Jacqueline Laurita,  in the spirit of wanting to fit in with the Manzo family, may have told Dina.

Kevin Maher, the sleaze ball first husband, for his 15 minutes of fame.



8 responses to “Danielle Staub: Who Busted Her?

  1. you are all so wrong. danielle brought the book to bravo to extend her 15 minutes. she will say or “do” anything for money and attention. she is a manipulater like no other.

  2. so what if she bought the book to the show. the fact that alllllll of these people agreed to be on this show means they all want there 15 mins. danielle is the most exciting character on this show to tell you the truth I wouldn’t watch it if she wasn’t on it. everybody else is so blah. who cares your daughter is going to beauty school, I don’t & neither do half of the people that watch the show. people just need somebody to hate on & danielle is that person to hate on.

  3. I just think if it happened in the past then just leave it at the THE PAST….. I mean its a big joke and 1986 is when all this went down that is soooo long ago….. next

  4. I agree with Clay, this happened ove 20 yrs ago! Come on people, not one of us should point a finger. Take a long good look at your past when you were in your twenty’s. It is not our place to judge, Like the Good Book (Bible) says, vengance is the Lord’s.!

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  6. No one had to bust her. A cousin did a Google search on Danielle’s name, and the book showed up. Then they found it in the library.

  7. What I’d like to know is, was she really expecting a divorce settlement, or was she lying about it to protect her social standing, and it had never been granted in the first place.

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